The Starfall Initiative is a civilian intelligence organization formed at the peak of the terrible Pale War, only a few years ago (215 PB). With the threat of continental devastation looming across the whole of Terath, it’s mission was to unify and support the fragmentary forces of Terath that had arrayed to combat the Pale Enemy and their armies. Through swift information gathering, and the processing, analyzing and sharing of critical details in timely manners across the various Pale War Fronts were greatly beneficial to Terath’s eventual victory. Members and leaders of the Starfall Initiative the peoples of Terath recover from the travesties of war when the Pale Ones were finally defeated.

Two years after the war ended, The Starfall Initative has continued to uphold it’s mandate to protect Terath from any force or power that would threaten the continent. Though they operate with the indirect support of the High Queen Embla for now, there are many who believe the Initiative’s motives have turned inward. There are those who harshly claim that the leaders of the Starfall Initiative only seek power and control. and a harsh narrative that the leaders of the “SFI” only seek power and control is widespread. Doubt in them continues to grow among the common people and nobility of Terath, as more whispers of ill-intent make the rounds and false accusations come to light.

As winter turns to spring, and spring turns to summer, The Starfall Initiative continues to compete against the Adventurers of Northwatch in the quest to discover dangerous Primordial Relics. They conduct questionable investigations and make allegations against Northwatch that paint the adventurers as a threat to the safety of common folk everywhere, citing the practice of unspeakable magics and reckless use of Relics.

Are these accusations grounded in truth? Could this be just another way for the Starfall Initiative to gain favor with the Kingdoms of Terath and gain more political control?

Will the fate of the Starfall Initiative rest in the hands of the Adventurers of Northwatch? Will the organization fall from grace? Will a new leader arise to return the Starfall Initiative to its former glory?

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