Seven tools are prophesied, as shields against the rising tide.

One a weapon torn from sleep
One a sky found in the deep
One a shadow which must be woken
One an army lost and broken
One a statue that guides the way
One a foe to lead astray
One a step on Godfrey’s path

Then to the isle, to face their wrath.

Divided and United. They ride upon the currents of a Dark Tide, rushing along at the edge of a great conflict, glimpsing the horizon of an eclipse of Shadows. The compass points north upon their map, and so North shall they Watch. North across the Sea. North beyond the glade. North amid the frozen stones, in the place where Names are kept.

Divided and United. They scheme and lie. They steal from one another. They plot their own deaths. And should they falter, what brought life shall bring the end. They are bearers and witnesses of greatness, with eyes carefully turned towards a city now broken. And so North shall they Watch. North across the plains. North beyond high walls. North amid the scars of DragonFire, where the spear waits for battle.

Divided and United. The Explorers seek the Chamber. Within the shadow of the Vallahorien’s destruction, they search for answers. Wanderers, all. Chosen of The Ancestors. In Blood and in Name. Sacrifice. Champion. Shade. Of The Forge. Of Grinning Bones. Of Secrets Forgotten. Of Words Unspoken. They are alone, though they stand in sight of the crowd. They know this, for North they Watch. North across the ruins. North beyond the Mountains. North amid the hold of the Dragons, where even the Great and the True prepare themselves to flee from the battle that is to come.

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