Getting Started

First you must decide how you’d like to particpate. At each event, you have the choice of playing a Player Character (PC) or a Non-Player Character (NPC).

Player Character (PC)

PCs are the paying customers and the heroes of the Mythic Realms Live Action Role-Playing Game. When you PC you play a specific unique character of your own design, and experience the dangers, intrigues and world storylines through the eyes of that character. A PC grows with time, accumulating wealth, treasure, allies, enemies and personal power.  It is the responsibility of the PC to supply their own costume and equipment. If you choose to PC on your first Mythic Realms event, that event is free.

Non-Player Character (NPC)

NPCs are the gears that keep the game going, and playing an NPC requires no set-up ahead of time as weapons and costume are provided for you. As an NPC you may change roles every few minutes from villager, to monster, to villain, to tavernkeep and so on. NPCing allows you to build an understanding of the rules and gives  the you opportunity to play many different types of roles. NPCing is always free and you will earn game credit and skill points which can be applied to any current or future Player Character.
Download the Core Rulebook

The complete rulebook.

Download the Book of Heroes

A guide for character classes.

Download The Book of Secrets

Artifice and ritual magic guide.

Download the Citatel Merchant Alliance Price List

Production pricing.

The Clockwork Reams Supplements

Clockwork rules and documents.

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Building a Character:

Step 1- Create a Concept

Decide on what kind of character you would like to play. You can choose almost any kind of period adventurer, from the wizardly apprentice, to the noble warrior, or even the gold-hearted scoundrel. Look over the world map to get an idea of where in Cyrillia your character might have come from. You may also which to examine the ‘Book of Heroes’ and ‘Book of Secrets’ to form an idea of what type of character you might wish to play.

Quick-Start Character Planning Sheet

Step 2 - Choose a Race

Mythic Realms is a game of high fantasy which, in addition to Humans, includes Elves, Dwarves, Fey, Orcs and many other races. Each unique race has its own flavor, advantage and make-up/costuming requirements. Choose a race that compliments your character concept.

Step 3- Choose a Talent

Every heroic character is talented in one specialized set of skills. Your character will begin with the necessary talents to be either a Merchant, a Spellcaster, a Fighter or a Rogue. Your character’s initial talent will indicate which group of skills you may purchase skill from, and will grant your character a benefit associated with the talent you have chosen.

Step 4- Purchase Skills

All characters begin with 20 skill points to use at character creation. You can use these points to purchase the skills you’d like your character to start out with. Looking at which skills you’d eventually like to have as your character may help you decide which skills you purchase at creation.

Step 5- Create a Character History (Optional)

Creating a character history is not required, however, we recommend that you take a few moments and work out the general details of your character’s past. You may have specific information such as where you are from, what your relatives’ names are and what event put you on the road of an adventurer.

We strongly suggest that you take a few minutes and sit down with the a member of the Mythic Realms plot team to talk about your character’s history; this will help ensure that you have a history which fits in with the game, as well as giving the story-tellers an idea of what your character’s goals and fears are. You may also want to discuss your plan with the World Historian to make sure it fits with currently established lore and history. After your character history has been written, take a moment to email it to the plot director.

You will receive a bonus Lore for completing a character history.

Rules of Safety

Boffer Combat:

Since physical combat is part of our game, safety is one of our top concerns. Combat is done using boffer weapons. These weapons typically have a PVC pipe or graphite core, covered with foam, and secured with duct tape, fabric or latex paint. Safety Marshals must inspect and approve each weapon before it can be used in combat.

For those who choose not to participate in combat, there are still plenty of role play opportunities awaiting you and your character.

The Basic Five:

The following five rules are the most important rules in our game and apply to all PCs and NPCs alike:

Violation of the Rules of Safety will result in removal from game.

Mythic Realms prohibits most body contact. All contact during combat must occur only with approved, safe, padded, weapons and spell packets. Head, neck, groin or hand contact is not allowed. If you are hit in any of these locations, please inform your opponent of his/her mistake. If necessary, inform a Mythic staff member. Body contact is only permitted with direct permission from the person involves. No skills may be used with physical contact without the other player’s express permission. As this can be a sensitive issue, always err on the side of caution.
If you hear anyone call “hold,” stop whatever you are doing immediately and drop to one knee. Holds should only be called when there is a need such as safety or a rules clarification (that would alter the play of the game significantly). Anyone can call a hold and everyone must STOP! The hold ends with the person who called the hold stating (loudly enough for everyone to hear) “Is everyone ready? 3,2, 1 lay on.” As we have tried to create a “hold-free” game to increase atmosphere and reality, please try to avoid calling a hold whenever possible. If you need a hold for yourself, you may call a “personal hold” where you take yourself OOG. Just ensure that it is not called for a reason that may be construed as cheating.
Private property is important. If you want to sneak into someone’s personal tent or building, you must have a Marshal present. Do not attempt to sneak into something on your own. For more information, please see the Stealing and Searching section of our Rulebook.
Mythic Realms prohibits illegal drugs and the underage use of alcohol during events. If you are found in possession of (or under the influence of) such substances, you may be removed from the game. If you are aware of someone else breaking this rule, failure to report him or her may also result in disciplinary action. Illegal acts will be dealt with by local law enforcement.

This is a family game. Foul language, crude comments and acts of lewdness are not acceptable. Local and State laws are to be followed. If you are under age, do not smoke. There is no coed sleeping for those under 18. When in doubt about appropriate conduct, ask a member of the Mythic Realms staff.

If you are unsatisfied with some aspect of the game please talk to a Marshal or a Mythic Realms Staff member directly. This should be done after the event or during the event in private.

Sign the Mythic Realms Waiver

A signed waiver is required in order to play. Please print this form and bring it with you to your first event or open house.

Submit Your Character Background!

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