Travis Emery

Basic Information


Travis Emery

Character Information

Primary Character

Krow, Thane of Nadrak (Retired)

Primary Character Additional Information

Previously, Krowthus Quince of the Clan of the Bear, Krow has left not only the adventuring town of NorthWatch, but Cyrilla entirely.

Not reachable by normal means, Krow has set out to complete a task outside of Time and Space itself, no longer being impeded by hunger, thirst, greed, breathing, atmosphere, or even mortality. Beware his ire as rage is a common occurrence, but Krow’s rage is a thing of legend.

Secondary Character

"Mich" (Terath)

Secondary Character Additional Information

A rogue from Akeron. He is easily identified by his brightly colored kilt and hat.

With his unknown hatred towards magic, Mich prefers to approach situations with a sack full of bombs ranging from common everyday bombs to very rare powerful bombs capable of felling even greater foes in a single throw.

He is known to be from an old militia troop practiced in stealth, search, diplomacy, and the pike when the situation requires.

Tertiary Character

Vincent Jones (Clockwork)

Tertiary Character Information

Vincent is a human investigator from the U.S., New York region specifically.

Even though he is equipped with a heavy pistol, Vincent is not a skilled fighter, but is able to confuse, rebuke, and feign the enemy.

Vincent’s biggest claim to fame is his incredible memory. He has the remarkable ability to look at anything for a short while and commit it to memory, even being able to recall the smallest details with photographic accuracy. This has however proven to show him rather disengaged from reality while his concentration is at peak.

Additional Information

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