De Pulvis

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De Pulvis

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Primary Character

Cum Vulpes Exultant Lusibus

Primary Character Additional Information

“Cum vulpes est a pulvis.”

“No man is hurt but by himself.”

“As strange as this may seem, I am the fox in the hen house.”

“Deus ex machina, how ironic”

“Generic? Yes, I would say I am quite generic.”

“Trust me?”

“Be patient. You will find me.”

“This world, it is riddled with riddles.”

“I would not have placed this here if I did not intend on you to have found it.”

“Time, that is what makes a great riddle.”

“Hold your tongue, for gossip travels as the crow flies.”

“Lies know no truth.”

“A word once uttered can never be recalled.”

“Now four have seen me, yet only one knows.”

Secondary Character

Umbra Mortis

Secondary Character Additional Information

“They say a shadow is birthed from light. But before there was light there was only darkness.”

“In genere sunt fortis viri nominis umbra.”

“Et flamma repulit brightest densissimus in offuscatione.”

“Pulvis et umbra sumus.”

“Et quomodo possum si quod non sit substantial misit umbra? Quia ego sum si sanus IIT.”

“Non habeat fiduciam: translate.”

Tertiary Character

Geralt Edward Pavel

Tertiary Character Information

A great party man, and strives to have well social connections among people of great power. Loves sharing good quality food and drink, and is open to most people.

If you are ever around a tavern or at a feast and you find that there are fancy drinks about, this is a gift from Geralt Edward Pavel, and you should feel no need to pay or ask for the drinks are always free.

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April 21, 1950




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