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"Vengeance is just an echo of the victim's own crime, and I am their voice" Do'Argo Jarsthae, Black Knight of the Blades of Scorn



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Primary Character

Do'argo Jarstahe

Primary Character Additional Information

A Parthan archer/alchemist. He was a veteran in the Ebrus Army for 13 years, and a black knight/advisor for the Blades of Scorn; helping to bring vengeance for those who need it and those who ask for help with it

Secondary Character

Kaptin Zagstruk

Secondary Character Additional Information

A fey from Vrogosh who was raised by a tribe of orcs and believes he is an orc himself; he believes that he can do anything he needs to if he has a strong enough belief. He works to become a shaman and listens to the ancestors of his tribe