Tavern talk in Falconcrest is dominated by news of an announcement from the King. Over the course of the last month, many have talked about the King’s reply to Baron Devereaux’s proclamation and who the new High Lord would be.

Now, after many weeks of wondering and speculation the King has set out the method for choosing the next Heir to the Throne.

People of Falconcrest,

In order to solidify the line of succession and ensure there is no doubt concerning the future of our great kingdom, a High Lord will be chosen. This will happen no later than the last day of August of this year.

As I have previously said, I will rely on the voice of the nobility of Falconcrest to select whom they believe best personifies the qualities that our kingdom holds dear. While this great responsibility is given to our nobility, be assured that whomever they put forward must also have my approval.

This week, all citizens of Falconcrest who have noble rank will be meeting in Citadel. There, we will discuss in person the qualities and qualifications we believe the High Lord must posses. After that, the nobility will go their own ways to deliberate and discuss among themselves.

To the people of our great kingdom, and to our nobility that will shoulder this great responsibility I ask you to remember, Honor Above All.

By my own hand,

Gilrandir Galathule
King of Falconcrest

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