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The purpose of the Mythic Realms Library is to provide a source of In Game information which is publicly accessible to characters throughout the World of Cyrillia; primarily those who travel near the adventuring town of Northwatch

From an ‘In Game’ standpoint, this information has been volunteered by adventurers, gathered by inn keepers and historians, and is maintained by prestigious scholars of worthy repute. Unless noted otherwise, information found within is generally considered impartial and unbiased, representing the common knowledge and perspective of people found in the world of Cyrillia, particularly those who travel near the adventuring town of Falconguard.

From an ‘Out of Game’ standpoint, this information is created and edited by the Plot Team and the players of Mythic Realms. Everyone is invited to be involved, and each player is encouraged to add the things they learn to the Library. Please note that the Mythic Realms Library is a living database, and information contained within does not always represent the full, or even partial, truth about the world of Cyrillia. Some parts of the library may be out of date, whilst others may contain unverified opinions or even outright lies.

This Library, from which you are reading now, exists as an example of the ancient magic of the old empire of Rhoum. Unlike common libraries of tome and scroll, of ink and parchment- this Library is generally safe from most forms of vandalism and degradation.

The scholars that maintain this library have accepted the duty of anonymously scribing known facts and histories of the world, as perceived by those who frequent the territories surrounding the adventuring town of Falconguard. However, adding independent information to the words which have been scribed here cannot be done anonymously. The pages of normal books might have anonymous scribbling in the margins, but this magical library must first make known the identity of any who would add their own words to those which already exist amongst these pages.

It is said that many of the prestigious scholars of the old empire had libraries of the same kind, and it is widely believed that the magical message boards which are used in Falconguard are of the same kind of magic.

In Service,

The Falconcrest Sage

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