From the militant Kingdom of Ebrus, news has spread that King West has nearly completed a miraculous recovery from the Necrotic Affliction which had befallen him during this past winter. King West is well-known for keeping secrets close to the vest, but in this case, he has declared openly that the affliction was the result of an attack made by the wretched undead creature known as the Prince of Wights. The dark affliction’s supposed purpose was to forcibly transform King West into one of the Undead, but the strange necrotic curse is slowly being lifted by means of a magical relic which Ebrus received during its diplomatic negotiations with Haven earlier this year.

With his strength finally returning, King West has begun calling each of his advisors to meet with him. The King is also reported to have begun holding individual audiences with every influential Ebran military leader, and rumors indicate that these meetings may involve a new grand plan for the future of the Ebran Kingdom. Court gossip has confirmed that King West recently held private audiences with Lady Vivian Falion of the Ebran Royal Bloodline, Lord Knight Cadaeris of the Ebran Order of Black Knights, Tidus Katrell of the Ebran Healer’s Guild, and many others.

Some rumors also indicate that King West has even arranged to hold private audiences with the shadowy figures who lead the underworld organization known as the Tainted Crown, and this last bit of gossip has many people wondering what sort of grand plans are in the making.

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