Deep in the pre-dawn hours of the night, blades flashed in the darkness, and spells flared with savage light. Within the Kingdom of Ebrus, they are still counting the dead, and taking tally of those who were slain during a sudden change in power.

When the Red Hour of Ebrus had spent its last moments, King James West of Ebrus and every single one of his most vital supporters in the Kingdom lay dead. In his place, as ruler of the kingdom, stood Queen Vivian Falion, she who is the sister of the exiled King Charles Rezak Falion The Red.

Stories claim that precisely one hour passed from the moment that a blade was driven into the heart of the first of King West’s supporters to the moment that King West of Ebrus was executed on the steps of the Ebran Royal Palace.

Rumors and speculation indicate that the coup was coordinated using Ritual Missives, and that agents of the loathsome & dangerous Ebran crimnal network known as the Tainted Crown were extensively active in the coup. Some rumors claim that a mysterious ebon order of Xelaque Master Assasins were also involved in the assassinations Some even whisper that the legendary assassin known as Kolan may have had a hand in the bloody work, while conflicting rumors claim that the same assassinations where performed by Fey Agents sactioned by the Emperor in Verath. There have also been strange rumors which indicate that an order of demon hunters struck down a secret cabal of Abyssal Mages within the Ebran Palace during the night.

Once the Red Hour had come to an end, the light of a new dawn revealed that the Black Knights of Ebrus had rallied to support their new queen. Commander Lord Knight Cadaeris and his brethren swore new oaths to Queen Vivian Falion, as did all of the surviving lords and margraves of Ebrus.

The world holds its breath as it watches to see if Queen Vivian’s rule will be as savage and bloody as her rise to power. Many eyes turn towards High Queen Embla Vanir’s court in the Broken City of the Queen’s Lands, wondering at what the response might be from the High Throne of Terath.