The arrival of the Imperial Cartographer has resulted in a series of active political debates and a cascade of diplomatic negotiations between various kingdoms throughout the land of Terath. It is rumored that King West of Ebrus and King MutT The Black Titan of Westerland recently engaged in a particularly volitile disagreement regarding a territory to the south of DragonHeld which is often argued to be either Western Ebrus or Northern Westerland. After the supposedly unresolved meeting, King West of Ebrus posted the following proclamation throughout his kingdom.

Honorable Men of Ebrus,

A time of change is upon us. My recovery from the Necrotic Affliction is nearly complete, but it is only now, as I break free of my own dark plague, that I see that our land is under the thrall of a similar affliction.

For far too long, the black shackles of the Path of The Nightwalker have held us back from claiming our rightful place as the greatest kingdom in all of Terath. It is time for us to put aside the old traditions of our Black Knights and the legacy of King Falion’s failures.

It is time for us to leave behind the Red Era of Ebrus, and to move forward into a new Golden Age. We shall march forward in unity, we shall claim the glory that is our due, and we shall rebuild our kingdom so that the historians of future generations will have no doubt that Ebrus is the brightest jewel upon Cyrillia.

This abrupt proclamation has caused many to wonder if the Ebran King has made plans to completely remove Black Knight leaders from power, or even potentially make Necromancy illegal throughout Ebrus. Political gossip within the Ebran Royal Court has hinted that Black Knight Commander Lord Knight Cadaeris of Ebrus has been recently been turned away after an attempt to speak with the king, an action which might suggest that changes could be coming in Ebrus sooner than most people might think.

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