An Imperial Cartographer has come to the High Queen’s court, acting in service to the Emperor across the sea. This cartographer has traveled from Verath with orders to meet with representatives from each of the kingdoms of Terath in order to draft a new map of the continent, including clear delineations of the kingdom borders.

When it has been completed, this new map will become the official map of Terath in the eyes of the Emperor, but it remains unclear as to the impact that this will have upon the various border disputes between the Terathian Kingdoms.

The decade which has passed since the death of Queen Octavia has been tumultuous, involving numerous wars and impactful events such as the rise and fall of Southwatch, the creation and expansion of the Kingdom of Falconcrest, and the shattering of the Ethlin Isles. These events have had notable affect on the political landscape, and some have resulted in serious territorial disputes between neighboring realms.

Certain rumors suggest that this imperial attempt to solidify official kingdom borders is likely to lead to increased tensions and even possibly to war rather than leading to a lasting peace, but the High Queen has encouraged the various rulers of Terath to cooperate and participate in good faith, hinting that refusal to do so may result in notable political consequences.

Many eyes have turned towards central Terath as the Falconcrest noble court is currently embattled in a political power struggle to name the new High Lord and potential heir to the Falconcrest Throne, now that the lingering plague has at last been cleansed from Citadel City. Lord Dan Brock, a leading candidate, has offered to lead the Falconcrest efforts relating to the creation of the imperial map, claiming that he is best suited to mediate border disputes due to his strong alliances with influential figures in both Akeron and Ebrus. His rival Lord Baron Devereaux has also stepped forward, however, suggesting that he would be best suited to represent Falconcrest due to his superior knowledge of Terathian history, especially as it pertains to the legacy of the empire.

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