Zellik, known as The White Alchemist, is a master of the cauldron, known for favoring unusual poisons and unstable potions. He has been known as a dangerous criminal in certain parts of Lairroth, and has been sought as a skilled (if unreliable) advisor in specific places within Terath. He is of elven blood, but his ghostly-white skin and lack of tattoos makes his heritage a mystery.


Zellik’s name was first heard by the adventurers of Falconguard when he was acting as an alchemical supplier for a Xelaque known as Matron d’Barra. Since then, he has alternately aided or opposed the adventurers on various occasions throughout the years.

He has been rumored to have served as the apprentice of an ancient legendary alchemist at one point, but whether or not this was actually true, or remains the case today, is unknown.

Additional Information

A Xelaque supremacist, rumors suggest Zellik dates from a time before the Cleansing of the Xelaque, due to the moon-like paleness of his albion skin. In the course of roaming the winding passage and vaults under Lairroth, his disciplined hand was the origin of species for the Nightmare Goblin, and creation of the rare schema Hideous Laughter. Zellik is handsome, has a charming way with ladies, and given this and other proclivities probably wears poison cologne. While he is a dangerous criminal, his own amusement and maybe, just maybe, longing for shreds of elfanity long lost, has stayed his hand from countless oppurtunities to slaughter the Falconfolk. He is a consumate collector of magical relic and is likely well armed and contingently fortified. Unless you are very self-righteous and/or in the company of those who can overcome dozens of Necreathers, or trap him in a Sphere of Eternity, I suggest employing the better part of valor should you meet this legendary figure.
~Vladamir Garadetzki

From knowledge I have uncovered, Zellik used alchemical techniques taught to him by his mysterious master, Elcalod, to purge his skin of the black pallor granted by the Cleansing of the Xelaque. It is suggested that this process drove him insane, but that remains unconfirmed. Elcalod was tainting Zellik’s food and drink with a strange mind-affecting substance with the intention of keeping him under his control, however Zellik later claimed to have been aware of it all along. Frankly, at this point in time, I would likely chalk Elcalod up to being dead or transformed into some sort of golem; much like my mother has been. In my opinion, Zellik is one of the great villains of our time – he most certainly will have a significant role to play in the future. To quote him, “{He} just wants to watch the world burn.”

~Xukkuth d’ Barra, Shadow of the Vallahorien

It has been reported that Zellik took his final death at the hands of the Adventurers of Northwatch in early June of 215 PB.

~Library Staff


Name: Zellik
Aliases: The White Alchemist
Profession: Alchemist

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