Yiruma Hensai, the Raging Typhoon, is a master monk and a master elementalist from the Shinjuku Peninsula. Hensai-sama, as his many pupils call him, survived the great upheaval after The Betrayal and is one of the few that saw the island chain destroyed. Known for his great patience and bizarre training methods, Hensai is sought out by many to train under but few ever get to chance to claim the honor of his teachings.

Hensai is known mainly by his name “The Raging Typhoon” to his enemies, but also goes by the name “The Eastern Wind.” Hensai is apart of a group of legendary Shinjuku masters known only as the Jade Lotus.



Name: Yiruma Hensai
Aliases: The Raging Typhoon
Titles: The Eastern Wind
Race: Human
Age: unknown
Heritage: unknown
Residence: Shinjuku Province
Profession: Elementalist

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