Xukkuth d’ Barra ~ Shadow of the Vallahorien
“If your flesh can withstand the flame, the spirit of the Dragon will burn within your soul.”

Post-Vallahorien Xukkuth

Xukkuth d’ Barra is a Xelaque (also known as a Dark Elf) adventurer, former slave, and mercenary of the now-ruined outpost of Falconguard in the Falconcrest Kingdom (Continent – Terath), as well as the Falconreach settlement in the Heartlands (Continent – Lairroth). A figure of wide-spread controversy,
he has been regarded as both hero or villain by commoners, nobility, and fellow adventurers alike.

Xukkuth d’ Barra means “Heart of Shadow” in the native Xelaque language, also known as “Xelaqua”.


A Xelaque of slim to average build, Xukkuth is known to wear studded leather armor or a shirt of heavy black steel scales. His hair is the silvery-white color shared by many of his kind and his eye color seems to shift between ruby red and strange black slitted reptilian eyes. Though proven proficient with many weapons, the Shadow of the Vallahorien seems to favor a combination style of short sword and long sword, dual wielding them both in a deadly dance. Among his most striking features are his obvious tattoos – a pair of silver streaks descending down both sides of his face, originating from under his eyes, as well as the skull of what appears to be a Dragon on his right shoulder.

The Pre-Vallahorien Era

Early Life & the Under Realm

Where and when Xukkuth d’ Barra was born remains a mystery that continues to plague Xukkuth himself. His earliest memories are not of a mother or father, but of a Xelaque mentor, a wizened old dark elf with a white beard and a weathered walking stick. Although very young at the time, Xukkuth recalls travelling back and forth between the Under Realm of Lairroth and the many Kingdoms of the surface, presumably in the pursuit of trade and his mentor’s scholarly pursuits. Xukkuth was a prodigy of alchemy and divination by the stars in his earliest childhood years, skills which were developed rapidly due to his elderly mentor’s guidance.

Young d’ Barra’s early life is truly defined by the death of his mentor. While travelling in the Under Realm, the two were ambushed by a demon of considerable power, now believed to have been a greater demon known as “White Scar”. Xukkuth’s mentor was slain and devoured like a bloody morsel, while he was taken – almost gently – through a portal located in a place deep even in the Under Realm. When he emerged on the other side of this magical threshold, he found himself transported to a hellish plane he now knows as the “Abyss”.


Xukkuth’s time as a captive in the Abyss was relatively short. While there, he was tortured in a city of literal bones – thousands collected from cyclical creatures – and subjected to pernicious abyssal rituals. It was later discovered that the purpose of these magics was to drive Xukkuth slowly mad, embedding abyssal ritual energy into his very flesh and bones so that as he grew into adulthood, he would be a veritable slave to Chaos. Obscure prophecy hints that Xukkuth d’ Barra is destined to tip the scales in the eternal war between demons and Dragons. Which way he is meant to tip the scales and how he is to do so remains to be seen, as is the cryptic nature of the visions of the future.

Their dark deeds done, the demons freed Xukkuth into the waiting hands of Matron d’ Barra, also known as the “Matron of Destruction”, as part of a mysterious demonic bargain for power. Originally unrelated, Xukkuth was adopted by Matron d’ Barra and masqueraded to others as her own second son by blood and, with no other known line of ancestry, he has retained their House name ever since. Matron d’ Barra maintained a significant distaste for young Xukkuth; a sentiment that only progressed in intensity and depth as he grew older. Proving to be more troublesome than useful, the Matron exiled Xukkuth d’ Barra from his home in the Under Realm and sold him into slavery on the surface with a group of other political dissidents. Before his departure, Xukkuth’s memories were wiped from his mind by ritual magic, presumably to ensure he would never find his way home or to perhaps force him to forget the abyssal seed of Chaos laid within his heart.


Slavery in Moradrim

When Xukkuth emerged on the surface, herded with a group of other Xelaque, he had nothing in his hands, nor in his head. His memories freshly ripped from him, he was easily taken into bondage by a group of Elentari mercenaries who bore a tattoo of a bleeding crown upon their arm. Many of the Xelaque Xukkuth was with attempted to flee their waiting chains and thus were run down and slaughtered by the mercenaries at the command of their captain. Over the course of many days, Xukkuth was driven, blindfolded and chained, to Moradrim, a cold wasteland of barbarians and the warlords that fought for leadership over them. There he was sold into slavery in service to Warlord Wyborn, in spite of universal Lairrothian law against that very institution.

For years, Xukkuth toiled doing hard labor for his barbarian warlord alongside many other slaves, a large number of which were humans kidnapped from the neighboring lands of Sith.

Wandering Years – Shadow of the Road


Onset of the Adventuring Life

The Red Band of Chaos



The Scout Profession


Ruins of Ku’Vahl – Freeing the Vallahorien

Post-Vallahorien Era

– Appointment as Legionnaire of Falconguard
– The Purified House d’ Barra & Legion d’ Barra


– Alahna’s Rest



– Height: 6″0
– Weight: 175 lbs.
– Build: Slim
– Race: Xelaque (Dark Elf)
– Eye Color: Slitted white and black eyes (previously ruby red)
– Hair Color: Shadowed white (accented by silver strands).
– Skin Color: Midnight black.
– Piercings: Tips of ears are double pierced with steel hoops.

Personal Details

– Loyalties: Dragonkind; the Xelaque People; the Falconcrest Kingdom
– Heritage: House d’ Barra
– Current Organizational Memberships: The Falconcrest Mercenary’s Guild
– Past Organizational Memberships: The Red Band of Chaos; The Myzentius Mercenary Guilds, the Purified House d’ Barra
– Birth Place: Unknown (Likely the Under Realm or Il’lithoria)
– Birth Date: Unknown
– Freed from Slavery On:

    • March 10th,1998 RS
    • March 10th, 210 PB (Post Betrayal)
    • March 10th, 220 PP (Post Plagues)

– Family:

    • Matron Zel’Andris d’ Barra,
    • Weapon Master Viscerous (Viss-er-us)
    • House Assassin Nesad (Nuh-sod)
    • Heir Apparent Mithrys (Mith-riss)

– Disposition: Sly
– Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Good Tendencies)
– Profession: Scout
– Preferred Fighting Style: Two short swords; throwing daggers


– Currently Held: Shadow of the Vallahorien; the Drake Rider; Drinker of Artifacts; the Chaos Scout; the Last d’ Barra
– Formerly Held: Shadow of the Road

Officially Occupied Positions

– Currently Held: Legionnaire of Falconguard;
– Formerly Held:Squad Leader of Myzentius; Guildmaster of the Red Band of Chaos; Patron of House d’ Barra; First Son of the Purified House d’ Barra

Criminal Record

  • Record of Offenses
    • Assault and Battery of a Minor Noble
    • Necromancy
    • Assault with a Deadly Weapon
    • Petty Theft
  • Dismissed Charges
    • Murder
    • Attempted Murder
    • Insubordination against a Noble
    • Refusal to Provide Required Courtesy to Titled Nobility
    • Assault and Battery
    • Petty Theft
    • Public Drunkenness
    • Indecent Exposure
  • Current Bounties
    • Wanted for murder in the Gladelands
    • Fugitive Slave from Moradrim (not an “official” crime as the Universal Laws of Lairroth ban all slavery)
    • Wanted for murder in Moradrim