Originally from Lairroth, the Wizard Daryoon Anairo has resided in Terath since his Master, the great Wizard Thalomere, cast what is commonly known as the Winds of Change ritual. Upon arriving in Terath he was given the title of Apprentice when it became common knowledge who his master was.
After 5 years the Wizard Thalomere decided that in order to help his young apprentice grow, he would pass his apprenticeship on to another powerful wizard named Nadrak. Under the guidance of Nadrak Wizard Anairo grew in both skill and power, culminating in the casting of the ritual to restore the power of the Wizard Rhoum, also known as the Peacebringer.

After casting the ritual to restore the power of the Wizard Rhoum, he also took the young Wizard as an apprentice. This act gave additional meaning to the title of Apprentice as now Wizard Anairo was the apprentice to all three of the great wizards, Thalomere, Nadrak and Rhoum.

Additional Information

Wizard Anairo has a vivid history, including holding the title of a Magistrate of Falconcrest for a decent amount of time. He was vital in many quests, to include the defeat of a Pale One in the year 210. Much of the information, stories, and prophecies surrounding Wizard Anairo are best kept secret and discrete, but one thing is certain: his life has, and continues to, change Cyrillia forever. Most important to note, I consider him a close friend.

  • ~ Xukkuth d’ Barra, Shadow of the Vallahorien



Name: Daryoon Anairo
Titles: Wizard, The Apprentice
Race: Asurkian
Profession: Wizard

OOG-Played By: Steven Campbell
OOG-First Played: Spring 1999
OOG-Last Played:
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