December, 212PB

Terath began to experience earthquakes occurring every 5-10 minutes. The vast majority are small tremors, sometimes so slight they are barley noticeable. Every few hours though, one strong enough to topple shelves and other small objects would Occur.

January, 212PB

Over the last 24 hours the earthquakes have completely ceased, and word has spread of a great victory against the Father of Monsters. The army of Falconcrest, led by General Galathule, has defeated one of Typhon’s Heralds.

There are also reports that as the battle begun, the Orcs and Parhan fighting for Typhon turned against their monstrous masters, seeming to wake after a long sleep. After the battle, it is said that some of the Parthan heard something ‘calling’ them and began to journey north, though it is not known how many.

While the main force of the Herald’s army was routed, many of the Orcs and Parthan continued to pursue and fight the remaining forces as they fell back. Some rumors even say at times the Orcs and Parthan would trade blows with each other before continuing to take the fight to their common foe.

February, 212PB

As the Winterfest celebrations come to a close, news spreads like wildfire that Typhon has attacked. An army of Naga and Lizardmen rose from the Bay of Longing in the pre-dawn hours to begin an assault on Chindius, marching toward the Capital of Pretia.

Not long after, reports will circulate that a force of Goblins, Ogres, and Drakes have descended from the mountains that boarder Ebrus and Westerland, heading toward Titanus.

With in an hour of this, a call to arms is raised in Akeron. Giant sea serpents have appeared in the Bay of Hope and and are cutting a swath of destruction as they solidify their control of the area.

February, 212PB

After battling fiercely, the forces of Typhon have been pushed back and defeated.

In Chindius, there are reports that Queen Embla took a death fighting a Herald. Giving her life to critically wound the beast and force it to retreat, causing the enemy army to fall apart.

In Westerland, King MutT led his troops in a miraculous defense of his nation while being outnumbered. Rumors speak that a large and powerful Orc tribe came from the north to assist in this battle.

In Akeron, the dead have risen as stories circulate that an army of undead joined the defenders and defeated the Sea Serpents. Rumors fly as to the origin of the undead, some say they belong to Phylar, the Vampire on the Kings Closed Council. Other claim that it is the power of the Seer, reaching out from beyond the grave as he promised.

There are also stories coming from Hadrianus of a great victory of their own. During the fight, 3 Heralds and an army of fish like creature rose from the sea and fell upon Vita. The army of Falconcrest, waiting in reserve quickly rushed to the cities aid. Some rumors say that during the battle, King Aleric captured the city and claimed it for his own. Others say that nature itself fought against Typhon and pushed the armies back into the sea.