Whirren ‘Irontooth’ Hail, Lord of The SnowGarden, Voice of The Synod of Five, Last of The 8th. He is one of two remaining soldiers of The 8th Company of Hadrianus, whose fleet was destroyed at sea in battle with one of the Heralds of Typhon, Father of Monsters.

The only other survivor of The 8th Company is his close friend and companion – ‘BlackToe’ Bligh, a Knightly Barbarian, Rune Weaver, and Champion of The 8th. Both soldiers were traveling together on a mission for the Synod of Five when their fleet was destroyed, and have since refused to join any other military company.

Through family connections, bravery in battle, avid participation in numerous mystery cults, and various displays of great character; Irontooth has manage to rise to claim the enviable title of Voice of The Synod of Five, of which there are only 10 postings. This position of honor allows Whirren to act as a herald and seneschal for the elder statesmen who govern Hadrianus, and gives him a degree of military authority outside of the normal chain of command.



Whirren Hail is a close friend and relative of Ashar Hail, one of the Synod of Five that governs the kingdom of Hadrianus. He is also a landed noble, ruling over the mountainous region known colloquially as ‘The SnowGarden’ which lies far inland within Hadrianus, to the north of Vallis Bay.

Stories claim that he became a Named Man, earning the title ‘Irontooth’ when he disarmed a deadly opponent in a duel by biting the man’s hand until his finger-bones snapped. Conflicting tales claim that he earned the name ‘Irontooth’ during a dangerous and ultimately successful hunt for a rampaging behemoth, after eating nothing but rock-hard bread for nearly 10 days



Name:Lord Whirren Hail
Aliases: Irontooth
Titles: Voice of The Synod of Five
Heritage:Clan Hail of Vita
Residence: Hadrianus
Profession: Soldier

OOG-Played By:Mike McComas
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