The Kingdom of Westerland has a rich history filled with traditions of academic study and noble culture. The Path of The Lightwalker has been honored as the primary code of Westerland’s Knights, Soldiers, and Nobles for uncounted generations, and the people of this mighty kingdom have always been considered to be both honorable and stalwart.

And yet terrible tragedy has befallen the Kingdom of Westerland during recent years. Much of the population has been slain by a terrible Null-Magic Blight which drained life and power from all magical creatures within the kingdom, including many of Westerland’s people.

The Null-Magic Blight has been vanquished, but it will still be generations before Westerland fully recovers. Powerful monsters now roam the countryside unchallenged, and the people of Westerland struggle to reclaim villages and fields which have lain abandoned since the Null-Magic Blight first began. The leadership of the kingdom has been placed into the hands of a mighty Thorgg warrior, known as Sir MuTt The Black Titan.

The Kingdom of Westerland, under the guidance of this new king, has established strong ties to both The Kingdom of Hadrianus and The Kingdom of Falconcrest.


Important Figures

King MuTt: A Black Knight of great renown, King MuTt is a hero responsible for leading a group of warriors, wizards, and adventurers into the depths of Westerland in order to bring an end to the Null Magic Blight. Although the Black Titan was born a slave in the gladiatorial pits of Lairroth, his coronation was performed by Queen Embla of Hadrianus, King Vol of Haven, and Duke Vendracis of The King’s Lands.

Many of the people of Westerland view their new king as a hero and champion, but remain uncertain and even frightened of The Black Titan’s rumored association with demonic powers, not to mention his adherence to the Path of The Nightwalker.

Lord Baron Nargol: Serving in a role somewhere between Royal Sensechal and High Chancellor of Westerland, Baron Nargol acts as the primary day-to-day administrator of the Kingdom of Westerland. He is known to be a stern and prudent man in his elder years, and is famous for his unyielding patriotism. He is also known to favor the Path of The Lightwalker, which can occasionally put him at odds with his King. The Baron’s eldest son, a young White Knight named Sir Edward Nargol, is known for his innocent naivety, and kind heart.

General Gerick Shaw (Deceased): Having served as the commander of Westerland’s Armies under both King Reynaud and Arador Kajorelle, General Shaw was the primary leader who helped keep the people of Westerland united during the Null-Magic Blight. He oversaw much of the day to day governance of Westerland, serving as the right hand of The Black Titan, and was known to be a member of The Terathian Vigil. He died at the hands of servants of the Pale Ones during a Winterfest Celebration in 215 PB.

Recent History

After the death of Queen Octavia, the ruler of Westerland, Arador Kajorelle, took the post of High King of Terath. At this time, the leadership of Westerland in the hands of King Bruce Reynaud. In the War of Kings which soon followed, Westerland remained loyal to Kajorelle, and thus saw much battle against the skilled soldiers of Eburs.

King Reynaud feared the threat of Draconic Domination and sought out a way to protect his kingdom from the powerful magic which the dragons could bring to bear against Westerland. He delved into the depths of an ancient dwarven hall deep beneath his kingdom, and called upon an artifact which he did not fully understand.

King Reynaud aimed to protect his people from all hostile magic, but the artifact instead began to drain all magic from the land entirely. Within mere hours, the mages of Westerland fell into an eternal slumber akin to death. All living creatures carrying the spark of magic within them soon followed, and terrible monsters which had once been held at bay by magic began to terrorize the kingdom.

Westerland remained in this state of suffering until Sir Avric Silvermoon and Sir MuTt The Black Titan led a cadre of heroes and adventurers from the Falconcrest village of Falconguard into the depths of Westerland to destroy the artifact which King Reynaud had awakened. With their efforts, the Null-Magic Blight was ended, at last.

In those dark depths Sir Avric Silvermoon discovered an Abyssal Portal which threatened to release a demonic horde upon the suffering kingdom, and ventured alone into the Abyss in hopes of finding a way to seal the portal, whilst Sir MuTt ascended to the Throne of Westerland in hopes of guiding its people towards recovery. Queen Embla of Hadrianus renamed the capital city of Westerland ‘Titanus’ in honor of the new king.

Kingdom Difficulties

Orcs, Trolls, Ogres, and vast hordes of terrible monsters have been able to claim territory and breed freely during Null Magic Blight. These creatures roam the kingdom freely, facing little opposition.

Though Westerland was once relatively wealthy, the kingdom has been forced to spend from the royal coffers at an unsustainable rate in order to restart its national economy in the years following the Null-Magic Blight. The number of monstrous creatures which roam the lands present a great threat to the people of Westerland, destroying farmsteads and slaughtering villagers, which has further contributed to the impoverished economic state of the kingdom.

Additionally, the long coasts of Westerland are often assaulted by a powerful group of pirates known as The Fangs of The Dragon.