The War of The Drake was a war sparked by the invasion of a massive army of Drakes and Goliaths which marched against the many kingdoms of Lairroth from out of the Barrier Mountains from the mysterious Empire of The Drake.

“The War of the Drake” has also been called, by myself, “The War of the False Drake Lords”, as it became apparent during the fighting this was not the same threat or aggressors who had led a more ancient invasion of Drakes and Goliaths from the Empire of the Drake. In the previous war, one Drake Lord ravaged the land with a particular goal in mind (one I shall keep to myself, for now) and was successful in his endeavors. In this more recent conflict, five different brothers from the Empire of the Drake led individual forces of Drakes and Goliaths trying to achieve similar glory, but, well, fumbled in most of their objectives. I myself put my sword through two of the five self-proclaimed “Drake Lords” until they passed from this world, while one other was killed in a joint strike near the end of the war. One brother escaped destruction and another played his part from the shadows and was never encountered to my knowledge. I am unsure if the remaining brothers simply left after the death of their siblings or if they managed to claim what they came for – I hope I will never know.

During this conflict, the adventurers of Falconreach, to include myself, can claim the deeds of :

  • Slaying a Leviathan – a massive Drake capable of astronomical destruction.
  • Freeing The Circle – a group of Wizards and Druids who opposed the original Drake Lord. They were trapped in an area of the Shattered Lands and dormant until being freed. The Circle has since pioneered magical tattoos, now used by a number of kingdoms, and has lent their magic to a number of noble causes.
  • Rescuing the Wizard Gideon after his capture by the Drake Lords.
  • Slaying of two of the Drake Lords in two separate occasions.

Many actions were taken by the adventurers of Falconreach in this fight and I am not commenting on all of them. The above are the most noteworthy, in my opinion.

  • ~ Xukkuth d’ Barra, Shadow of the Vallahorien