Lord Vorhil’il Celestion, Commander of the Il’Lithorian Steel was one of the three commanders of the Army of Terath in the War against the Forsaken.


Lord Vorhil’il Celestion was the commander who informed the people of Terath of the news coming from the battle involving the appearance of The One and the then High Queen Octavia. His writings from this troubled time can be found below.

Declarations During the War with the Forsaken

During the war between the Forsaken and the forces of Terath led by the High Queen Octavia, Vorhil’il Celestion informed the peoples of Terath of the events that transpired. He announced to the people of Terath the appearance of The One and the subsequent conflict between the two and the death of the High Queen.

“Peoples of Terath,

Our Queen is dead! Rally to the new Kings. I stand with Their Magesties Kajorelle and Falion. The three of us will lead until the Empire can be reforged. The One must be defeated.

Who will come to our call? We can not let The Forsaken claim Terath. Let us rally and defeat them here and now. The Great War must be won!

Lord Vorhil’il Celestion
Commander of the Il’Lithorian Steel”


Name: Vorhi’il Celestion
Aliases: Commander of the Il’Lithorian Steel
Titles: Lord

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