Verath is the official seat of power of the legendary Rhouman Empire. It is ruled by
Emperor Gnaeus Bestia Nos Validus from the city of Rhoum.

Verath has no formal army. Its fighting force is made up of the powerful individuals that now reside there, bolstered by a host of ancient golems which defend the great cities.

The denizens have allied themselves to noble houses, which has been described as fostering loyalty in a manner that is similar to guilds within Terath.

Map of Verath

Recent History of Verath

In 213, a representative of The Emperor came to Terath and either created or magically revealed a cystalline gate which, when active, serves as a portal. The Crystal Gate outside of the Broken City links to an identical gate outside of the Verathian capital of Rhoum.

Soldiers, Wizards, and Monarchs from Terath traveled through the Crystal Gate to join in a military campaign that some refer to as The Verathian War, but that most scholars have come to call The Pale Campaign.


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