Valdimarr D’Angelo is a famous hero of Cyrillia. He is known to mastered many aspects of Ritual Magic which focus on Time and Space, especially those which pertain to the enigmatic space known as The Faded Realm.

Partly because of his brother Lanre Lightsong’s obsession with the Ruins of Ku’Vahl, but mostly due to the Arcane nature of the ruin’s guardians, Valdimarr developed a deep hunger to learn everything about the place. With his talents and desires being so parallel, Valdimarr became apprenticed to Theodan Saris, an accomplished ritual caster with mastery of the faded realm and expansive knowledge of the Ruins of Ku’Vahl.

Valdimarr’s primary place of residence was the town of Falconguard in the Kingdom of Falconcrest until he destroyed it in May of 213 PB. He, along with other adventurers of the town, cast a ritual that destroyed the Demon General of Ku’Vahl along with many of his minions. This act literally saved Cyrillia from being absorbed into the Abyss itself, but destroyed the town and all life within a 3-mile radius in the process. Valdimarr then took residence in the new adventurer;s town of Northwatch, but is also known to have developed a fondness for the landscapes of Ebrus, spending a great deal of time there due to Lanre and his shared interest in the Ruins of Ku’Vahl.

More recently, Valdimarr is said to have put his life as an adventurer behind him. He supposedly spends his days researching the endless labyrinthine mysteries of The Faded Realm, often at the side of his mentor, Theodan Saris.



Valdimarr D’Angelo was raised in an orphanage run by Madame D’Angelo in Westerland near the border of Ebrus. He grew up there with his two “brothers” Lanre and Alaknin.
When Valdimarr finally got out on his own, he convinced a Gypsy woman named Kaitlynn to settle down and marry him with the intention of starting a family. One day he woke to find that she and all her belongings were gone. The only thing left behind was a note saying that she was sorry but couldn’t stay away from the road any longer.

Shortly after, Valdimarr was caught in a skirmish between Westerland and Ebrus where he found his brother Alaknin fighting on the Ebrun side. For reasons yet unknown, Alaknin slew his brother Valdimarr and fled into the nearby woods. Once slain, Valdimarr was raised as a powerful, but mindless undead and killed countless people in the name of Ebrus while in that state. Alaknin returned much later only to kill his brother and flee again; this time in order to restore him to life. At the moment Valdimarr returned to life he found himself without his memories. As time passed and he spent time around familiar people and places he slowly regained pieces of his memories, but lacks most of them even to this day.

Eventually, he stumbled into a fortuitous reunion with his other brother Lanre who was traveling in the company of a Gypsy caravan. The two of them stayed in the company of the gypsies for another year, and then in 206PB they made their way to Lairroth, cavorting back and forth between the two continents, seeking adventures of all kinds.



Name: Valdimarr D’Angelo
Titles: ,Hero
Race: Human
Age: 35
Heritage: Unknown
Residence: Northwatch
Profession: Adventurer

OOG-Played By: Frank Rogers
OOG-First Played: July 2011
OOG-Last Played: Active PC
OOG-Active?: Yes
OOG-Contact Info: