In the year 212 PB, the divided kingdoms of Terath found themselves threatened by a legendary creature known as Typhon, The Father of Monsters . Swarms of wretched beasts crawled up from the sea, entire rivers became poisonous and corrupted, and armies of Ogres, Trolls, and Goblins marched together as one mighty horde. Although many of the kingdoms refused to recognize her claim to the High Throne, Queen Embla Vanir stepped forward to lead the defense of Terath during Typhon’s Invasion. Together, the unified armies of Terath defeated the horde and reclaimed their lands.

Typhon’s Invasion was a long and arduous struggle which came to pass as a result of the return of the mythical primoridal creature known as Typhon, The Father of Monsters.

The first known fatalities suffered during the invasion were off the coasts of Westerland, involving ships from Westerland and Hadrianus.

The Hadrian capital ship, having disembarked from the large port-system of Westerland with its accompanying longships, seemed to meet some sort of trouble with an unseen assailant just outside the country’s coastal waters.

Lord General Shaw of Westerland quickly ordered the remnants of Westerland’s navy to their aid. As dusk fell, the sounds of the great sea battle were drowned out by a low, unnatural keening noise, and for the space of an hour the waves that crashed upon the shores of Westerland were red with blood.

Only a few short weeks later, poison began to flow in waters on opposite side of Terath, discovered by Hector Pretia, of Chindius. Later, this poison would wither crops and slay great quantities of livestock in every kingdom, and would be confirmed to have been the work of one of Typhon’s legendary Heralds. The warning of Hector Pretia was as follows –

We find ourselves the targets of alarming sabotage. Since yesterday late afternoon, poison seeps from the sea itself inland. Wildlife and men are falling prey to the contamination at an alarming pace. The High Queen bids you guard yourselves and your livelihoods: check your well water for purity, drink not from streams feeding the mighty rivers unless you can purify it. Dam the rivers that lead to the sea. At this time, the reservoirs of the mountainous countries and the rainwater appear untainted, but be vigilant. Citizens, appeal to your nobility to address the possibility of a shortage. Cities without access to clean water may petition the High Queen directly.
The vile things of the deep wage war upon Terath, but we are united in our opposition and prepared to defend ourselves against the threat of the Father of All.
For the glory of Terath.

With the coming of Typhon, those people with ties to the more savage species found themselves prone to violence and irritation, and came under direct assault by a form of magical compulsion which pressed upon them to join the massing hordes of goblins, trolls, ogres and other monsters which began to rally under Typhon’s banner.

To protect themselves from attack, the kingdoms of Terath began to police and in some cases even imprison people who were suspected of falling under Typhon’s influence. As shown in the following decree, Ethlinspire banished all members of the most vulnerable races altogether.

By order of King Roivas Gilbereth of Ethlinspire:
The Ethlin borders are hereby closed to non-citizens. Orcs, Parthan and Thorgg will be expelled immediately. Other non-elves will be forcibly expelled should they be found within the city after the space of one week. His Majesty regrets having to take such drastic action, even temporarily, and calls for understanding during these trying times. We appeal to Her Majesty the High Queen to take the situation in Narovo to heart and act with all haste to defend her subjects from the treachery on our flank.
Baroness Callisthene Gilbereth of Ceridwin-on behalf of his Majesty the King
At the dawn of this spreading compulsion, the other Heralds of Typhon began to show themselves. News spread far and wide, detailing the terrible destruction of two of the mighty fleets belonging to the navy of Hadrianus.

The 8th Company was destroyed in its entirety, along with the majority of the 9th Company. Military councils across Terath convened to speak of a great whirlpool which had formed to the South East of Vallis Bay, resulting in the destruction of these two fleets, which had been scouting the seas for signs of Typhon’s influence.

To the horror of sailors everywhere, this great whirlpool was not the result of a vast storm or natural disaster, but was instead the manifestation of power which has been brought to bear by The Father of Monsters.

There were dozens of instances where people found ways to fight back against the dangers presented by Typhon’s return. The Kingdom of Falconcrest recovered two long forgotten artifacts which improved the health and vitality of crops and livestock within the borders of their kingdom.

Additionally, small points of purification began to appear across Terath; tiny havens from the poisonous influence of The Father of Monsters. Stories claimed that a Master Druid of The Arcadian Grove appeared in over a score of different locations ranging from Chindius to Westerland, and even including Narovo and Ethlinspire. Wherever this druid was sighted, small regions were suddenly blanketed in waves of druidic energy which cleansed the poison from the surrounding land.

The areas of safe-haven, however, were naught but infinitesimal points of light in a vast, dark sea of corruption and death. The protection and safety offered by these regions of purity has given many people hope, but a true solution to this blight of poison was still far out of reach for the great majority of Terath’s people.

As the forces which marched under Typhon’s banner began to grow to dangerous sizes, the kingdoms of Terath prepared for war. Duke Vendracis, who was then the Steward of Rhoum and ruler of The King’s Lands, left The Broken City with a small contingent of soldiers and travelled to the Kingdom of Myzentius.

The Duke attempted to facilitate a meeting with the leaders of various independent splintering factions within Myzentius in order to offer aid, to organize mercenary efforts in the struggle against The Father of Monsters, and to reinforce King Akida’s dominion over the independent warlords attempting to claim their own territory within the Kingdom of Myzentius.

Political ambassadors of Lairroth representing the nation of Nadrak appeared in the Hadrian City of Vita, appealing for an audience with Queen Embla and The Synod of Five. The threat from Typhon was great enough that one of the Lord Generals of the Nadraki Army accompanied these ambassadors with over one hundred soldiers; having traveled to Terath to offer their aid in the struggle against the Father of Monsters.

Then, after many months of preparation and terror, the first great battle against Typhon’s forces was fought, and won. This resulted in the destruction of one of Typhon’s terrifying Heralds. Hephaestion was a moving mountain of magma and flame, well over one hundred feet tall. His small army of burning golems met in battle with military forces from Chindius, Hadrianus, Falconcrest, The King’s Lands, and The Argent Tide; all fighting alongside the various mercenary companies of Myzentius.

Rumors and tavern-talk claimed that many well-known figures of Terath participated in the battle first-hand. Witnesses report having seen Alaver of The Arcadian Grove, King Akida of Myzentius, King Aleric Falconcrest, Master Elxa of Ethlinspire, Lord Talandar of Haven, Lord Knight Tristan of Falconcrest, Lord Knight Jacen Yabesh of The King’s Lands, and even the exiled Falion ‘The Red’ upon the field of battle. A few story-tellers fervently claim that the ancient dragon Cureanon took to the field as well, although this last detail is believed to be naught but fancy and hearsay by most.

While the specifics of this great battle are still not fully known, but there seems to be little debate over the final outcome – Victory!. Hephaestion, Herald of Typhon, had been laid low upon the slopes of the Myzentian Peaks of Adjua.

Yet the joy of victory did not last long. Somehow, an ancient elven ritual set in place to protect the Ethlin people was triggered in a terrible and devastating way. Huge swaths of land were rocked by massive ritual quakes, and were suddenly sunk beneath the sea. What remained of the elven lands was now a large flooded island, under assualt by horrific beasts of the sea. Monsters of all kinds swarmed over Ethlinspire coming across the channel on rafts and stolen ships, and much of the granduer that was the elven legacy was destroyed.

In the wake of the devastation in Ethlinspire, news of a massing army on the northern border of The King’s Lands became the dire topic of conversation throughout the northern and central kingdoms of Terath.

Military forces stationed in King’s Lands suddenly come under attack by a growing horde of monstrous creatures streaming across the borders of Narovo, and crawling up from the waters which had submerged the kingdom of the elves. The invading army began an assault against numerous watch towers and defensive garrisons meant to protect the north-most territories.

While this horde of beasts and monsters did not begin as a force great enough to present a true threat to the kingdom as a whole, reports claimed that additional tribes of monstrous creatures seemed to be answering Typhon’s call by the hour; joining the terrifying horde as it began its dreadful march south.

The ever-growing armies of Typhon continued to gather in the North, moving South and West in what appeared to be a relentless march toward The Broken City, the once capital of the shattered empire of Terath.

Duke Vendracis gave orders to the local nobility in the northern King’s Lands to marshal their forces and gather all available militia to be organized for the greater defense of the nation.

In its wake, the monstrous force left a great swath of destruction, which has caused a number of lesser nobles to ignore the commands of the Duke, leading small forces of their own into direct conflict with the army of monsters in hopes of protecting their endangered homes. Tragically, such attempts only resulted in the near-total annihilation of the defending militia; serving to slow the encroaching army by a day or two at most.

Reports indicated that military forces from The Kingdom of Falconcrest, and mercenary bands loyal to King Akida of Myzentius had begun working in cooperation with Duke Vendracis to protect his people. These additional scouts and mercenaries primarily served to aid in evacuations, or to exterminate small bands of monstrous creatures before they had the opportunity to join the greater mass of the army.

To add tension and danger to a situation which was already turning dire – naval officers and seaside scouts reportedly sighted small formations of great sharks swimming alongside grotesque bipedal sea-creatures near The Great Bay in Westerland and Vallis Bay in Hadrianus. There was little doubt that these fiends were servants of The Father of Monsters.

In the face of such a great threat, Queen Embla, who currently also claimed the disputed authority to act as the High Queen of Terath, made a decree which would rouse the common people from their cowering terror, and bolster the forces of Terath against the terrible armies of Typhon:

Terath has long shouldered the weight of political schism and turmoil. Civil strife has kept us divided, but the time for such machinations has passed. War is upon all of us–friends and allies have already lost everything. Unless we stand together, our strength will falter and fail us.
Monsters, betrayers, and the earth itself are arrayed against us. If you have never been brave, now is the time to find your courage. If you have never raised a weapon or channeled a spell, now is the time to champion good in defense of your homes, your families, and your countries. If you have never been a soldier, you are now a soldier.
We call you to arms, Terath. For Narovo, and Ethlinspire, and all the honorable fallen who have died in our defense. To arms!
Embla VanirHigh Queen of Terath
Idris Vestrit, Admiral of the Southwatch NavyGarrick Shaw, General of WesterlandSilmarwen Earfalas, Sheriff of FalconguardMaster Albion May of ChindiusJoseph Nelson, Honorable Grand Judge of EbrusMaster Vassar Mi’ere of Narovo
as sanctioned by her esteemed majesty, Queen Octaviaa Circle of Seven, united in friendship, united in purpose

As forces rallied throughout the King’s Lands the army of Typhon marched ever closer to The Broken City. When the horde was only a day or two away from clashing with the main forces which have been arrayed to do battle, rumors claimed that Rhoum The Peacebringer and Maria Pretia of Chindius were heading up the majority of the efforts to rouse Terath’s many nations after Queen Embla’s decree. And yet while there were certainly those who were dedicated to the cause of resisting the Father of Monsters, many of the kingdoms are focusing their attentions inward on their own defenses rather than moving to protect the lands ruled by Duke Vendracis.

The Duke’s advisers had previously convinced Vendracis to stay off the field of battle, and whispers within the Broken City claimed that this caution was due to some prophecy or foretelling received by Duke Vendracis or his councilors. There were those within The Broken City who began to spread word that the army’s doom has been prophesied, which caused panic and minor rioting in the poorer districts. It was announced that Lord Knight Jacen Yabesh, legendary White Knight and hero of The King’s Lands, would lead the army himself, while the Duke remained behind the city walls.

News from the southern coast of Akeron returned rumors that the Hadrian 5th fleet, which had been defending the coast of the nation at the behest of the Sons of Akeron, became mired in a conflict with both the aquatic forces of Typhon as well as the naval armada serving the The Seer of Akeron. The situation was dire until another armada commanded by Admiral Idris Vestrit, appeared from the east to give aid to the faltering warships.

For the first time in many years, the flag of Southwatch flew on the southern seas.

Fighting on the Northern front began in earnest as combined forces from Myzentius, Hadrianus, The King’s Land, Falconcrest, and Chindius pitted themselves against the raging Horde of Typhon’s servant. Yet even as these armies clashed, it was clear that there would not be a single great battle to determine the outcome. As troops maneuvered and supplies filtered in toward both sides, even the most optimistic military councilors predicted that the campaign against The Father of Monsters will be an extended matter.

Months passed as the campaign against Typhon’s Horde continued.

In the South the forces from Haven, Westerland, Hadrianus, Falconcrest, Ebrus, Chindius, and the newly reborn kingdom of Southwatch gathered to address the growing threat presented by the Seer of Akeron. These nations have scrambled to muster their forces with great haste in the wake of the discovery that The Seer had made plans to exploit any weakness shown during the campaign against Typhon. It was clear that The Seer had to be removed from power without delay, lest the trouble he might create in the south turn into a dire concern during the ongoing war with the northern horde.

Maneuvering in the North led the Horde of Typhon past the Broken City, and to the shock of all, it seemed that the army of monsters intended to bypass the city altogether, continuing a wretched rampage throughout the King’s Lands rather than engaging in a siege. The combined forces of Terath re-engaged with the horde in another pitched battle, hoping to prevent the horrid creatures from marching across the kingdom unchallenged.

Along with this revelation, terrible news began to drift from the battlefield to the many corners of Terath – Lord Knight Jacen Yabesh, heroic commander of the unified forces, had gone missing. His command tent was burned to the ground in the dead of the night, his guards were slaughtered, and a trace of sulfur in the air was the only hint as to the nature of his attackers.

In the panic and chaos that resulted from the loss of the iconic hero, Duke Vendracis decided to ignore the previous advice of his councilors; stepping forth to lead his forces into battle himself. After careful consideration and much debate, Maria Pretia of Chindius was been appointed to administer the affairs of the Broken City in the Duke’s absence.

One the of most terrible battles in the entire invasion was to follow soon afterward, resulting in this announcement from Queen Embla of Hadrianus –

People of Terath,
Two nights ago, the main contingent of the King’s Lands faced a horde of trolls, orcs and goblins near the disputed southern border. They fought admirably, and for a time we felt victory was assured. Then the very ground gave way beneath them. I have never seen many of the monsters that spilled from the depths to flank our forces; perhaps they have come to the surface for the first time. Their leader was one of Typhon’s greatest heralds, Orthrus, who is invulnerable to physical or magical attack.
Duke Christopher Vendracis recognized the dire circumstances, but chose to remain with a small company to stave off the onslaught while the rest of the troops withdrew to regroup. I led the relief army out of Akeron, but while we were successful in driving Orthrus away we could not do so in time to prevent the slaughter of Vendracis’ men. In the end, he proved to all that his courage was steadfast. He saved countless lives that day, by meeting his fate without wavering.
His body lies in state in Rhoum, where the fighting elite of each nation hold vigil for him. We fight on, and respect his sacrifice. Today is a day of mourning.
Embla VanirHigh Queen of Terath

The fighting continued, although slowed somewhat by the onset of winter.

Then, at last, there was a great victory against the father of Monsters. The army of Falconcrest, led by General Gilrandir Galathule, had defeated one of Typhon’s Heralds.

Soldiers who participate din the battles described that, as the battle begun, the Orcs and Parhan fighting for Typhon turned against their monstrous masters, seeming to wake after a long sleep. Typhon’s compulsion over the Orcs and Parthan had been broken. After the battle, it was said that some of the Parthan heard something ‘calling’ them and began to journey north, though it is not known how many left the field of battle.

While the main force of the Herald’s army was routed, many of the Orcs and Parthan continued to pursue and fight the straggling parts of Typhon’s Horde as they fell back. Some rumors claimed that at times the Orcs and Parthan would trade blows with each other amidst the chaos before continuing to take the fight to their common foe.

As the Winterfest celebrations came and went, Typhon’s surviving Herald’s launched a deadly attack. An army of Naga and Lizardmen rose from the Bay of Longing in the pre-dawn hours to begin an assault on Chindius, marching toward the Capital of Pretia.

Not long after, a force of Goblins, Ogres, and Drakes descended from the mountains that bordered Ebrus and Westerland, heading toward the city of Titanus.At same time, The Father of Monsters struck in Akeron. Giant sea serpents appeared in the Bay of Hope and and cut a swath of destruction as they solidified their control of the area.

The battles that followed deserve their own entry, although it certainly can be said that many heroes died, and perhaps even more were forged anew in the fires of those struggles. It has been reported that Queen Embla passed through the Circle of Life after personally facing down one of Typhon’s Heralds, critically wounding the beast and forcing it to retreat, causing the enemy army to fall apart.

In Westerland, King MutT led his troops in a miraculous defense of his nation while being outnumbered. Rumors speak that a large and powerful Orc tribe came from the north to assist in this battle.

In Akeron, an army of undead joined the defenders and defeated the Sea Serpents. Rumors claim that this was the first true sign of the rise of The Kingdom of The Night in Terath; these undead forces were said to have been under the command or control of a Vampire Lord known as Philar, who is known to have joined the ruling council of Akeron.

Lastly, reports came from Hadrianus of a great victory over what might have been the most dreadful gathering of Typhon’s remaining power. Three of Typhon’s legendary Heralds gathered with their most powerful servants, and marched on the surprised Hadrian Capital, The City of Vita. These Heralds rose from the sea with a hidden army of bipedal sea monsters but soon found themselves in a fierce conflict with the army of Falconcrest, who had been waiting in researve.

While the forces of Falconcrest outnumbered the maritime horde, the Heralds of Typhon were too mighty to be simply turned aside. As the Heralds began to decimate the Falconcrest army, a Vampire Lord known as Sir Avric Silvermoon, called forth a great ritual to summon forth some of Terath’s mightiest heroes to his side. Stories conflict as to precisely which great figures were summoned by this ritual, although soldiers claim to have seen King Aleric Falconcrest, Kane Blackmoon, Sir Allerion The DragonRider, Natasha Silvermoon, Xukkuth d’Barra, General Gilrandir Galathule, Wizard Daryoon Anairo, High Lord Xefrom Venai, and the great wizard Thalomere. The Heralds were all slain or wounded beyond recovery; on every front, the armies of Terath were victories.

With these great conflicts, the last vestiges of Typhon’s power were sundered. In the wake of the battles, the monstrous creatures of Terath that had been working together were set free of The Father’s compelling influence and seemed to remember their distrust and enmity for each other. The defeated hordes dissipated, and peace returned to the land.