The reappearance of Theodan Saris in year 210 was somewhat of a shock to the nobility of Terath, who had long assumed him dead. While it is known he is a blood relation to the former High Queen Octavia Lucius, no one knows how close the tie actually is.

He was given the title of Faded King due to his ceaseless study and mastery of the Faded Realm. 100 years ago, he attempted to cast a great ritual in order gain complete control over the Faded Realm, a ritual that went terribly wrong and earned him the title of the Fallen King.

He began the casting in the Ruins of Ku’Vahl, hoping to harness the ambient power there. The ritual instead imprisoned him for 100 years. He was released by the adventures of Falconguard and spent the next two years recovering his lost strength. As a result of this imprisonment he gained a unique understanding and almost uncanny knowledge of the Ruins, though he still focus’ his studies primarily on the Faded Realm.



Name: Theodan Saris
Titles: The Faded King, The Fallen King
Race: Human
Age: Unknown
Heritage: Old Blood of Terath
Profession: Wizard, Ritualist

OOG-Played By: Steve C.
OOG-First Played: 2010
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