The Wyverns is a large organization with members hailing from every Kingdom in Terath. Their primary purpose is to act as a place for those who have a dislike for Dragons to meet and talk about how to rebuild their shattered Kingdoms after the Draconic Domination. Though they are considered a single organization, the Wyverns are actually broken up into factions, each with its own agenda and beliefs.

While you can find those who claim to be a member of this group in all kingdoms, most of the group’s membership is said to come from the Broken City, Chindius, and Ebrus.

Factions of the Wyverns

The three most well known factions of the Wyverns are the Wyvern’s Heart, the Wyvern’s Claw and the Wyvern’s Whip.

The Wyvern’s Heart

Those who affiliate with the Wyvern’s Heart believe that while the Dragons are terribly violent, they are also able to be reasoned with. Their goals are to try and keep Dragons out of mortal affairs through negotiation and diplomacy. The Wyvern’s heart is the only faction to have a public base of operations, which is located in the Broken City.

The Wyvern’s Claw

Those affiliated with the Wyvern’s Claw believe that Dragons are capricious, bloodthirsty monsters. They do not believe Dragons can be reasoned with, because they are not willing to reason. They do not feel the Dragons will ever willingly stop meddling in mortal affairs and must be forcibly stopped. While there are those with in the Wyvern’s Claw that believe this means fighting the Dragons or their servants, they are in the minority.

Most of the Claws believe that High Queen Embla must do the same thing Queen Octavia did when she banished the Dragons to Dragonheld, whatever that may be. It is believed that most of the membership of the Wyvern’s Claw is from Ebrus.

The Wyvern’s Whip

Those affiliated with the the Wyvern’s Whip believe that Dragons are the greatest threat to the nations of Terath and must be destroyed. While there are no official reports of them engaging in actual conflict against the Dragons or their servants, there are a multitude of rumors and stories about them. Most tell that the Wyvern’s Whip is behind assassinations and killings of not only those who profess to serve the Dragons, but even those who are friendly toward the Dragons and their servants.

The Whips are by far the smallest of the three factions, but is thought to be made up of well trained, well funded members. They are also the only faction to actively recruit, and do so throughout Terath.  Most of their membership claims to be from Chindius, but whether that is true has yet to be confirmed.