Written by Lanre Lightsong. Bard, Cartographer, and brother to the legendary hero Valdimarr D’Angelo.

The Winds of Change are a powerful force of transformation, with an unknown origin and a history which is older than the Terathian Empire.

Every year during the month of April, a strange wind blows across all of the known world. Wherever the Winds of Change blow, people and items are altered. The very weaves of magic have been shifted many times by the Winds of Change, forcing mages to learn new ways of casting their spells. In fact, certain historical records indicate that these strange winds have even resulted in vast changes to individual people, transforming Elves into Humans and Parthan in to Fey, for instance.

When the Winds of Change visits you, take great care to look around you, for you may find that magical trinkets have lost their properties, or have gained entirely new ones. You may find that your own gifts and talents have changed as well. Archers may lose their aim, Brawlers may lose their strength, and students of Arcane Magic may discover that their skill with magic has vanished.

But there are two sides to every coin.

Brave heroes of often reported that The Winds of Change have imparted new insights and abilities. Knowledge can be gained, and lost secrets of artifice or ritual may suddenly be discovered after centuries of searching.

However, there is little reason to fear the Winds of Change. In fact, few people even notice the Winds of Change year after year, for they are usually mild, changing only a few things here and there that would hardly be noticed by the common man or woman. In the rare years when the Winds of Change sweep through in a storm of chaos and alteration, trust me, you will notice it. You’ll sense the magic in the air, and taste the familiar scent upon the breeze.

Of course, the greatest mystery in this the origin of the Winds of Change. They are always a swirling, shifting, directionless pattern. So much so that it becomes impossible to tell the true direction from which they blow. So I ask you this… where do the Winds of Change come from?