Former Vampire Lords of Calien

Lord Vaadrum: Currently residing within Nocturne, Lord Vaadrum is well known as one of the most powerful Vampires in all of Lairroth. It was his hand that performed the coronation of King Sevyn Falconcrest of The Heartland Kingdom.

Records indicate that Lord Vaadrum has been a potent vampire from long before the days of The Abyssal Breach.

Lord Philar: Serving as the primary merchant liason from Calien to the kingdom of Falconcrest in the days following The Betrayal, Lord Philar’s origins are a complete mystery to the scholars and adventurers of Cyrillia.

Lord Philar is well known for possessing the ability to feed on the power of magical items, rather than upon the blood of Cyclic Creatures. His personal power in relation to other vampires is unknown.

Upon the casting of The Ascension Ward by Thalomere during the Winds of Change, Lord Philar fled through a portal into the Abyss, and remained trapped there for a number of years, until he was rescued and returned to Cyrillia by Avric Silvermoon.

Lord Nabler: This powerful Vampire Lord was turned just before the destructive tide of The Betrayal plunged the world into chaos and death. This Vampiric transformation was performed out of desperation, and allowed him to survive in the deepest caverns of Lairroth, returning to the surface a mere handful of years afterward.

Lord Nabler was a very prominent merchant within the Kingdom of Calien, and was strangely known for sudden outbursts of philanthropy; a trait very uncommon amongst the Vampire Lords of Calien. Even for all his prominence and generosity, Lord Nabler very rarely showed himself to anyone directly, preferring to remain hidden within a well-fortified and well-guarded fortress in the city of Malene.

Lord Nabler fled to the Abyss with many of the other Vampire Lords once the Ascension Ward was put into place, returning to Cyrillia through a portal in Terath with the aid of Avric Silvermoon.

Lord Ooin: Having been turned into a Vampire in Lairroth, within the Kingdom of Nadrak. This transformation occurred during the Century War. Afterwards Lord Ooin is said to have wandered Lairroth on his own for many years, though very little is known about his activities during those times. But it is known that he helped guide and shepherd many of the new Vampire Lords of Calien in the years immediately following The Betrayal. He fled to the Abyss with many of the other Vampire Lords once the Ascension Ward was put into place.

After returning from the Abyss with the aid of Avric Silvermoon, Lord Ooin began arranging a home for himself across the sea, in Terath, within the Kingdom of Akeron.

Additional Information

It is a true shame that the pleasure of meeting the acquaintance of the illustrious Vampire Lords (Lord Philar, Lord Nabler, and Lord Ooin) was robbed from me. That is to say, I met them, but they were in quite a state after being chained to the bottom of an Abyssal river, under constant torment by the denizen of that hellish land. King Aleric Falconcrest, Avric Silvermoon, an elementalist named “Glothy”, and myself came upon them and then, good Avric freed them of their chains and we ushered them out of the Abyss.

I had come to the Abyss save Avric (as I said I would), but fortunately we got the opportunity to aid more than just Avric. I am no fan of slavery in any land or plane. The bite of cold chains is not one ever forgotten, as I know well from my time of slavery in Moradrim as a young man. I relish any opportunity to free others of the yoke myself and, each time I do, I remember the moment my own chains were broken, so long ago on the borders of the Gladelands.

  • ~ Xukkuth d’ Barra, Shadow of the Vallahorien