The history of this group is rooted in the long forgotten early years of Terath. Scholars have claimed that The Terathian Vigil (Also known as The Circle of Ten, formerly The Circle of Seven) was established by Queen Octavia Lucius at the dawn of her rule, but some historians claim that the origins of the group stretch back even further. A number of scholars have argued that the origins of The Terathian Vigil may be tied into the history of the legendary Knights of Rhoum, known as The Order of The Heart. Scholars have discovered that the first written records of such a group date back to a few centuries after the destruction of the ancient City of Ku’Vahl, in southern Ebrus.

The group’s name has shifted over the centuries, having been known as the Vigilant Seven, The Circle of Seven, or The Terathian Vigil. With one appointed representative from each of the Kingdom’s of Terath, The Terathian Vigil  is a collaborative team from various Kingdoms across Terath whose primary duty is to watch and prepare for threats presented by ancient and otherworldy horrors; most notably- the return of Typhon, The Father of Monsters. Some have suggested that Queen Octavia founded this order in response to the destruction of the City of Ku’Vahl, hoping that the Terathian Vigil would find a way to protect her realm from similar threats in the future. Others scholars believe that the organization was established in order to keep the secret knowledge of the locations and purposes of the Legendary Treasure Cache’s of Queen Octavia, which are said to have been hidden in secret places throughout the continent.


The Terathian Vigil is an influential organization whose inner circle are welcome in nearly every noble court in Terath. There are many who have pledged themselves to the service of The Terathian Vigil, but these individuals do not hold appointments within the Circle of Ten. Membership within The Ten is granted by direct appointment from the ruler of Terath, although this appointment can last anywhere from a single year up to the duration of a member’s lifetime. Each member of this team stands as a representative of a specific nation, and is tasked with watching for signs of ancient and forgotten dangers. Though the group itself is not a secret, members do not often publicly advertise their appointment, and thus the names of all the members are not widely known. Certain members have decided to keep their identity completely in the shadows, so as to not announce their allegiance to the order for fear that they would be quickly embroiled in political games and shifting schemes of power.

The original seven baronies of Terath were as follows. Akeron, Chindius, Ebrus, Hadrianus, Southwatch, Myzentius, Westerland. To prevent political conflicts, a rule of the order became that any who ruled as a supreme authority within their realm should never take a place within the inner circle, as such, members of the circle often include individuals with lesser titles, or with no noble title whatsoever.

For many generations, there was much discussion about adding representatives for the growing desert colonies of Narovo, and attempting to add a representative from the Ethlin people. However, the elves had always been reluctant to associate themselves directly with Terathian Rule. It wasn’t until the actual return of Typhon after the death of Queen Octavia that the Ethlin realm was fully brought into the Circle.

Within this Library, only a very small number of current The Circle of Ten have been named –


Chindius – Albion May






Narovo – Vasser Mi’ere

The Ethlin Isles – Knight Ambassador Silmarwen Earfalas



Former Members include –

Hadrianus – Embla Vanir (Became The High Queen of Terath)

Westerland – General Gerick Shaw (Died in Service to The Vigil)

Myzentius – Lord Isher (Shamefully revealed to have been a servant of The Pale Ones)