Explorers and sages from many lands have begun to speak of an incredible discovery in recent years. A pair of old archways, either previously dormant or long forgotten, have been found by scouts exploring the mountain range that borders the Empire of The Drake in Lairroth, and hidden amongst the jagged peaks which border Dragon Held in Terath.

Those who make the dangerous pilgrimage to either portal can feel the pulsing magical energy in the air, and those who step through find themselves standing upon a small island. Fog frequently obscures vision, but occasional clear skies have revealed a brilliant and shining city across the sea far to the south, marked by what appear to be gargantuan statues too distant to see clearly.

At the center of the isle itself rests a platform heavily engraved with runes that audibly hum with magical power. Those daring enough to step into the center of this platform have found themselves re-forged in a way that reaches to the depths of their very souls. Vanishing in an explosive burst of light, these individuals reappear as if manifesting from a Circle of Life; clearly recognizable as the person they were, but often changed greatly in personal talent, skill, and even race.

This platform has become known as The Soul Forge.

An atmosphere of tranquility resides over the isle, and as of yet, even those with murder in their hearts have found that their yearning for violence has departed whilst they stand upon this mysterious island.

While there is no Archway or Portal leading away from the isle, one merely has to set foot upon the waters at the shore to find themselves instantly transported back to the Archway from whence they came. Reaching either Archway, and returning from it, however, is no small feat. One must first safely ascend through the mountains, and then test their strength and bravery as they travel the uncharted passes. Such is a journey that only the bravest of adventurers or the most dedicated of sages have been willing to undertake.