The Seer of Akeron was, before his defeat, considered by most to be the primary ruling power in the Kingdom of Akeron. Little is publicly known about the man himself, save that his eyes both appear to have been seared from his skull, and that he offers promises of immortality to any which are able successfully adhere to his leadership, and follow his strict and brutal laws. It is said that The Seer of Akeron has vast power over the spirits of both the dead and the living. The Seer of Akeron has taken the symbol of a raven perched upon a skull as his own personal crest.

It is reported that The Seer was slain on September 2nd, 212 at the hands of the Adventurers of Falconcrest.


The Seer of Akeron began his rise to power immediately following the chaos after the attack that began the Draconic Domination of Terath. After the majority of Akeron’s leadership was slaughtered in the draconic attack and the splintering nation was gripped in terror The Seer of Akeron stepped forward with promises of eternal life and offers to grant the people an opportunity to bid the ghosts of their loved ones farewell. The people soon found that failure to follow even the least of the edicts set forth by the seer resulted in execution, and became haunted by the ghosts of the wrongfully dead who now roamed the lands seeking to bring vengeance upon their murderers.

Notable Accomplishments

In a declaration that the new Akeron would be a kingdom of eternal justice, The Seer of Akeron performed great magic which summoned all the spirits of the wrongfully killed, causing them to rise and seek out their murderers. The Seer of Akeron had managed to maintain his vice-like grip over the fallen kingdom, beating back and hunting down his primary political opposition, a group widely referred to as ‘The Sons of Akeron’.

Current Whereabouts and Activities

Believed to be dead.



Name: Unknown
Aliases: The Seer of Akeron
Titles: Sovereign Ruler of Akeron
Race: Human
Residence: Akeron
Profession: Spiritualist

OOG-Played By: Chris Warswick
OOG-First Played:
OOG-Last Played: September 2, 2012
OOG-Active?: No
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