Located primarily in southern territory of The Kingdom of Ebrus, The Ruins of Ku’Vahl represent the fragments of what is rumored to have once been a vast and sprawling city where great minds gathered for purposes both lofty and vile. The true history of Ku’Vahl is not known publicly, but is whispered and speculated far and wide throughout Terath.

What is known for certain is that it is nearly impossible to define the precise geographical boundaries of the ruins, as the ruins themselves extend both above and below ground in unpredictable patterns. Long, crumbling subterranean corridors run uninterrupted for miles, only to suddenly expand into lost magical compounds or tombs of legendary import.

The Kingdom of Ebrus officially claims all territories which are part of the Ruins of Ku’Vahl as their rightful territory, but some explorers have discovered minor locations which are arguably part of the ruins, but are found sprouting from underground tunnels which have led outside of the definitive borders of Ebrus.

Regardless of territorial debate, the ruins have remained a literal treasure trove for brave explorers and adventurers willing to risk life and limb. Whatever else it may have been, Ku’Vahl was undoubtedly a place a great power and wealth.

In recent years, a powerful alliance of ghouls, vampires, skeletal knights, and other dark creatures have claimed their own territory within the ruins. The Kingdom of The Night lurks in the shadows of southern Ku’Vahl, far from the easy reach of Ebran soldiers. Those who would dare to enter their domain to explore the ruins may very well find themselves embroiled in the quiet political struggles of an undead kingdom which no Terathian authority has ever officially recognized.


Little detail is known of the history of the ruins of this once-great city. The city is said to have stood in full glory during the reign of The Vallahorien; the first King in Terath. Historical records would indicate that it was the first King of Terath who destroyed the city long ago, slaughtering all who lived within. The catalyst to this terrible act of destruction was the death of The Vallehorien’s lover at the hands of the undead creatures known as The Pale Ones. It is said that The Vallehorien brought doom upon the region when the Governor of the city, a Great Red Dragon known as Ku’Vahl, refused to aid the King in his quest for vengeance.

Unwilling to violate the enigmatic treaty known as the Pale Accords, to risk plunging all of DragonHeld into a devastating war, the Great Red Dragon refused The Vallehorien’s demand. Now, a millennium later, little is left but myth, legend, and the scorched ruins to provide evidence of the First King’s rage.

Alongside terrible beasts and creeping undead, one will discover mythical guardians from an age beyond memory still roaming the lost and fragmented Ruins of Ku’Vahl. These guardian golems are often said to be carved of stone, hammered from steel, cut from crystal, or cast out of shadow and fog. Legends claim that the creatures defend the remnants of the city even to this day, centuries after its fall. And yet the Guardians are only one of the many extraordinary dangers that one might face upon entering the legendary ruins.

Ku’Vahl itself is rumored to have been named using a symbol, or possibly even a forgotten language of some kind, and the proper spelling of its name is a much debated topic amongst the scholars who study such things. The following are spellings which are more commonly recognized – Ku’Vahl, Ku’vall, Kuh Vall, Kuh’Vahl, Kvu’all, Kvu’Ahl.

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