As hordes of monsters march under one banner at  what some call now “the End of Men”, it is understandable why many would despair. The heroes of the cyclic races have, like candles in a wind, been snuffed out. Jacen Yabesh, Duke Vendracis, and a large portion of the King’s Land’s army have been lost in the hour they were most needed.

Typhon arrived with whispers, at first – thoughts in the minds of those he calls his children: Orcs, Parthan, Goblins, Trolls, and more beside. He claimed more than dominion to those his word reached, he claimed divine right to the throne of the world for he calls himself the Father, the progenitor of all “Monster-kind”.

Many battles have been fought since his calm slithering back into the present age. Heralds of his ultimate power have risen in the wake of his proclamations – each an ace in his game to win the stakes of each and every realm.

These Heralds are beings of impossible might, some capable of spawning deadly poisons to infect rivers and lakes across the whole continent, others are large magma titans who rumble across kingdoms, unstoppable by mortals and inspired to fill the skies of Terath in ash. Even now, rumor speaks of the Adversary’s plot to split the whole of Terath in two – literally; leaving his enemies, the whole of Man, hopelessly isolated against his methodical wrath.

Yet still, in this hour, there is hope.

Immortals (in name, if not also by their nature) still stand tenacious in the face of domination. Talandar, King Aleric Falconcrest, and Queen Embla of Hadrianus, among others, still hold the line and those who follow them still do their work in spite of despair. The True Gypsy race, long having wandered away from  Cyrillia, have finally returned. It is said that, the Verdant Lord, the mysterious enigma hidden in the strangely icy jungles of Narovo, has made promises of some sort of cryptic aid against Typhon and, even though the Dragons still remain silent in their home of Dragonheld, many wonder for how long they can remain neutral in this war for Cyrillia.

Only time will tell how this all ends. Will history be written to tell of a dawn beyond this dark time? Will civilization emerge victorious from the jaws of defeat as it did in the Dark War or the dominion of La’Ghoul? If not, when this is all over, will Man be slaves to monsters or simply extinct?