The Red Band of Chaos was the mercenary guild founded by Xukkuth d’ Barra that operated between the time period 208 – 211. Established to be a family for the outcast and chaotic in nature, these talented warriors and mages were responsible for, as well as participated in, many great events and changes in both Terath and Lairroth. A group that boasted 14+ active members at the height of their power, the Red Band of Chaos became famous to some, infamous to others.

The Founding

In the year 208, Xukkuth d’ Barra travelled to the Heartland Kingdom, where he began his adventuring and mercenary career. After assisting in the rescue of General Riviera of Nadrak via travel through the Hall of Doors as facilitated by the Great Dragon Thalomere, Xukkuth recognized a need for a group of fighters and wizards who could operate together toward a common purpose, as well as the need for an organization that could keep its members defended against more powerful threats. As a young adventurer, he travelled Lairroth and began meeting – and enlisting – many unique individuals he came across upon the roads of Lairroth. In some cases, he encountered them in some trouble and managed to come to their aid (such as in the case of his now close friend, The Nameless One, whom he saved from a bitter and brutal end at the hands of a group of fanatical Parthan) or, in other cases, he encountered them after tavern fights, roadside conversations, and so forth. Each member of the Red Band of Chaos had a story for how they came across the young budding Xelaque guildmaster.
Before the end of the year, the Red Band of Chaos was made a reality.

Activities of the Red Band

As mercenaries, members of the Red Band of Chaos filled most of their time with classic sell-sword work, such as guarding caravans as they traveled throughout Lairroth and acting as guards for significant persons or events. With such a diverse and powerful skill set among the brethren of the Red Band, their most profitable ventures tended to be their freelance adventuring expeditions. They were known to plunder ancient ruins, even the Ruins of Ku’vall it is said, and search dusty tombs for treasure and coin. Over time, the Red Band of Chaos grew and branched out across Lairroth and supported numerous chapters in other kingdoms, some believe that the organization may have made it to Terath as well, but whether this is true or not is unknown.

List of Members

Its founding membership was, as follows:

  • Xukkuth d’ Barra
  • Ranaranel Redweth
  • The Nameless One
  • Carandae Ranedhel
  • Sade
  • Kaza Bonefist
  • “Barbarian”
  • Aloicious Genty
  • Sienna the Red Fox

As the reknown of the Red Band of Chaos grew, a number of others joined its ranks, these included:

  • Ember of the Ashes
  • Silmarwen Earfalas
  • Myzra Neh’lar
  • “Dwarven Smith”
  • Makenna La Reda
  • Pyra
  • Zeyphite
  • Jyozu Neko
  • Obama
  • Killer
  • Keveras Lorakythe
  • Sinjune
  • Armitis
  • Lennox Dezember
  • Whisper

The Red Band of Chaos adopted the traditional symbol of Chaos as its official organizational symbol and its members were known by the red armband they all wore. These details did not change through the life of the guild. Legend states that the name “The Red Band of Chaos” was chosen because its guild master, Xukkuth d’ Barra, worshipped Chaos and wielded an artifact known as the “Chaos Egg” or the “Egg of the Muladi” which gifted him with great power. This last detail, however, is primarily speculation and rumor.

Rite, Ritual, and Initiation

To become a member of the Red Band of Chaos, you had to prove your worth. This could be done in a number of ways. Typically, an initiate was required to pass and overcome three challenges – one of mind, one of soul, and one of blood. The Red Band of Chaos judged a person’s quality by the strength of these three characterisitcs, thus their tests of membership revolved around these. The challenges were always different and were hosted by a number of the current members. This rite could be waived and bypassed if the acting guild master had seen you in combat and found your mind, soul, and blood worthy of the organization.

Shortly after the destruction of the artifact known only as the “Chaos Egg”, Xukkuth d’ Barra took the shards of the ruined artifact and buried a sliver of the thing in the palms of each member of the Red Band. He himself was said to have a shard in each hand, foot, and one in the middle of his chest. Legend says this was done to grant his guild members the power of Chaos, as channelled through him. Other rumors suggest the slivers of the Chaos Egg could be used as currency in a place known as the “The Chaos Realm” and it was done as a symbol of loyalty, made in the name of – and with the approval thereof – the Lord of Chaos himself. Indeed, it is believed that Xukkuth d’ Barra still possesses a number of shards from the Chaos Egg to keep them safe, though this report’s credibility remains undetermined.

Member Details

Xukkuth d’ Barra – An escaped slave and Xelaque rogue (male), sole leader of the Red Band of Chaos. He is reported to be a Master Scout. Alias was “Dusk”.

Ranaranel Redweth – An Asurkian Druid (female) diagnosed by many as schizoprenic or possessed. In the organization, Ranaranel bore the code name “Trinity”, so named for her three different personalities she displayed from time to time.

The Nameless One – A Human spiritualist (female); code name “Duality”. Additionally, rumor states that The Nameless One is so named because she sold her name to a Demon in exchange for the power to wield mystic/necromancy with the incredible skill she still possesses; this statement however, is widely regarded to be simply legend and speculation.

Carandae Ranedhel – An Elentari fighter (male) capable of using arcane magic to protect and enhance himself. He is famous for his evident madness, as he became an ally of Xukkuth d’ Barra due to his belief that he was a Xelaque himself – going as far as to wear black streaks of paint across his face as a way of displaying his believed heritage. Carandae reportedly despised Elentari and other elves of fair skin.

Sade – A Troglodyte (male) with a particular love of necromancy and, perhaps, darker powers. Sade was known for his ability to cast draining and enslavement spells, while simultaneously wielding a sword – always striking to kill. His alias was “Spike”

Kaza Bonefist – A Thorgg fighter (male) and, by all descriptions, the very stereotype of his race. He was known for his abilities as a war master and feared due to his skill with his two maces, which he dual wielded with unheard of ferocity. The undisputed bruiser of the Red Band, Kaza’s past was riddled with the tragedies of an outcast, as he was banished from his clan for unknown transgressions. It is said that Kaza was trained in war master by Lord General Galathule himself, at the request of Xukkuth d’ Barra.

Lennox Dezember – A remarkably young, but gifted Knockmilna arcane Scion (female), Lennox fled her homeland of Moradrim to be free of the romantic machinations of a powerful Moradrim VIP – some reports identify the individual as her cousin, others say he was an unrelated noble of Moradrim, but the conflicting reports make it tough to identify which. Lennox was a close friend of Xukkuth’s and took a personal interest in his safety. She would go even as far as to sip Xukkuth’s drinks and test his food for poison before he partook of it. Allegedly, Xukkuth d’ Barra and Faigan Iscariot infiltrated the man’s keep after he successfully kidnapped Lennox. They slew the kidnapper in cold blood, rescuing Lennox in the process.

“Barbarian” – A curious character, this Barbarian jack of all trades (male) was incapable of common speech and mostly communicated through a series of grunts and pointing gestures.

Aloicious Genty – A Halfling scholar (male) and family man, Aloicious was the standard bearer and historian of the Red Band of Chaos. An expert in the field of ancient artifacts and languages, it was Aloicious alone that was able to communicate with the freed Valahorien using his oldest known language. His code name was “Pantaloons”.

Sienna the Red Fox – A Fey healer (female) with red fox-like ears, Sienna was a very capable user of mystic magic. During her time with the Red Band of Chaos, she made it her mission to support the organization in combat with her abilities. Little is known of her origins, only that she was outcast and had no family to speak of before the Red Band.

Ember of the Ashes – An Asurkian druid (female) of no small skill, Ember joined the Red Band after years of living in the forest and adapting to its ways. Ember developed her great druidic powers in the Red Band of Chaos, using a combination of mystic and elemental magic to serve the guild. She was among the most loyal and has always counted Xukkuth among her closest friends and confidants. It is said that Jyozu Neko, another member, attributes his personal survival almost soley to her frequent protections.

Silmarwen Earfalas – An Elentari warden (female) during her time in the Red Band of Chaos, Silmarwen was known for her uncompromising protection of Xukkuth d’ Barra, as she acted as his personal bodyguard and warden. She was a bit of a black sheep in the organization, as she has always conducted herself with a military demeanor and discipline uncommon among her more chaotic brethren.

Myzra Neh’lar – A Xelaque warlock (female) of considerable age and experience, Myzra was an established adventurer before and after the Red Band of Chaos. She was married to a black knight known as “Drefan” who vocally despised the Red Band of Chaos and everything it stood for.

“Dwarven Smith” – A Hrungnor dwarven smith (male) who wielded a shield and mace, his time in the Red Band of Chaos was short and mysterious.

Makenna La Reda – A quiet and stoic Elentari fighter (female), she was a promising student of the blade.

Pyra – A Human wizard (female) of odd background, she carried herself with a disciplined demeanor similar to Silmarwen, seemingly suited more to a soldier than a chaotic mercenary. Pyra had a troubled past of forced prostitution before joining the Red Band of Chaos. She had great respect for Xukkuth d’ Barra and always called him “Sir”, an unusual habit among the Red Band of Chaos. It is rumored she was trained in wizardry by the War Wizard Talandar himself, at the request of Xukkuth d’ Barra, but the credibility of this claim is unknown.

Zeyphite – This Elentari war master (male) wielded his long sword and shield in the Red Band of Chaos till its dissolution. Originally an enemy of Xukkuth d’ Barra, Zeyphite and Xukkuth reconciled in recognition of each others prowess – putting aside their racial differences and becoming fast friends.

Jyozu Neko – A Parthan dread lord (male) and later, druid, Jyozu has always held a fierce love and interest in necromancy. Jyozu forsook the way of the dread lord to become a druid, trained by Ember of the Ashes herself. Jyozu and Xukkuth have always been close friends – culminating in Jyozu’s obliteration in the year 210. Amazingly enough, Jyozu returned to life through some interactive phenomenon between the Cerulean Gates and Thalomere’s ritual, however none are sure of the details.

Obama – A human fighter (male) recruited by Xukkuth in the rugged lands of the Realms, he fought with a long sword during a short membership in the Red Band of Chaos.

Killer – A Thorgg fighter (male) and long sword wielder, he acted as yet another Thorgg bruiser of the Red Band of Chaos.

Keveras Lorakythe – A Xelaque necromancer (male), he betrayed the Red Band of Chaos and attempted to kill the Nameless One in response to a number of confrontations with Xukkuth d’ Barra. Before he attempted to assassinate the Nameless One, Keveras accused Xukkuth d’ Barra and Faigan Iscariot of murder. It came to light that the two had killed non-cyclic elemental monsters in self defense and Keveras was simply attempting to engineer their wrongful execution.

Sinjune – An Asurkian healer (male) in pursuit of the highest form of his art, the path of the Theurge, he lent his valuable skill to the Red Band of Chaos on a number of occasions before leaving the organization during the political guild war between the Healer’s Guild of Natasha Silvermoon and the Red Band.

Armitis – An Elentari arcane spellcaster and fighter (male) trained out of Illithoria, Armitis pursued the art of swordsmanship with dogged determination. His primary goal was to learn the lost sword styles of the great masters. Whether these styles exist or not is only a matter of speculation.

Whisper – An assassin claiming to be a Xelaque (male). It later became known that “Whisper” was actually the gypsy fugitive, Andreas. During his service, he was known to unsuccessfully attempt to persuade other members of the Red Band of Chaos to turn against Xukkuth, believing himself to be a better candidate for guild master.

Significant Events

The history of the Red Band was marked by many victories, defeats, and conflicts. A few of the most significant events are mentioned below:

The Red Band of Chaos became a sanctioned mercenary guild under Myzentius and Xukkuth d’ Barra, its Guild Master, became a Squad Leader of Myzentius.

The town of Falconreach in the Heartlands was founded due to the efforts of the Red Band of Chaos, whom ventured out and cleared the land of hostile threats, to include a tribe Abyss worshipping goblins and a necromantic puppet master.

  • The Vallahorien, known as the greatest of Dragons, was freed from magical imprisonment in the Ruins of Ku’vall by the Red Band of Chaos.
  • The Red Band of Chaos was critical in the destruction of the dark artifact known as the “Chaos Egg” or, as most scholars know it, “The Egg of the Muladi”, as well as the slaying of Yonko Laeteshi, the gypsy vampire.
  • A political guild war erupted between the Red Band of Chaos and the Healer’s Guild, led by Natasha Silvermoon. The contention between the two factions dispersed over time and concluded with the disbanding of a formal Healers Guild.

The End of the Red Band The Red Band of Chaos experienced some hardships as, over time, some of its members left the organization for greater glories. Ranaranel Redweth, Sienna the Red Fox, Myzra Neh’lar, and Sade all the left the Red Band of Chaos dissatisifed or angry. Many of the other members, as time marched onward, were informally lost to the organization. The Thorgg fighter, Kaza Bonefist, reportedly returned to his clan in an attempt to join them again after being banished so long ago. Carandae Ranadhel simply disappeared on a journey of mysterious import and never returned. In the end, Xukkuth d’ Barra, now a Legionnaire of the Falconcrest Mercenary Guild, as well as Guildmaster of the Red Band of Chaos, called for a celebration to retire the Red Band of Chaos and finally, as well as formally, disbanded the organization. At the final celebration, the remaining members of the Red Band of Chaos raised toasts to the memories of their absent compatriots and reminisced the old stories of their times together. Those members present at the last feast included:

  • Xukkuth d’ Barra
  • The Nameless One
  • Lennox Dezember
  • Ember of the Ashes
  • Armitis
  • Jyozu Neko
  • Silmarwen Earfalas

– Xukkuth d’ Barra remains the Legionnaire of the Falconcrest Mercenary Guild in the town of Falconguard in the Falconcrest Kingdom. He no longer claims the title “Shadow of the Road”, instead he claims the title “Shadow of the Vallahorien”. Allegedly, his title was changed by the Vallahorien himself, but this has not be confirmed.

– Silmarwen Earfalas moved on to be Sheriff of Falconguard in the Faloncrest Kingdom. Later, she resigned her position and joined the Circle of Seven, a group of representatives from each kingdom formed for diplomatic reasons and adapted to assist in coordination against Typhon, the Father of Monsters.

– Ranaranel Redweth and Xukkuth d’ Barra, had been close friends for many years. Rumor says that the relationship between the two darkened over the years during the rise and fall of the Red Band, climaxing with a conflict between the two where Ranaranel attempted to kill Xukkuth d’ Barra, but was slain during her attempt by the Nameless One. After this confrontation, the two’s relationship was damaged beyond repair and Ranaranel, along with Sienna the Red Fox, left the group for greener pastures and she has not been seen since. Though it is unconfirmed, the fight was supposedly over leadership of the band, with Ranaranel attempting to claim guild leader over the group.

– The Nameless One continues to reside in Falconguard and remained with the Band until its dissolution. She currently adventures in a freelance capacity and it is said she has begun to develop the powers of a powerful seer, so much so that some who have encountered her now claim she goes by simply the title “The Oracle”. She was heavily embroiled in the conflict with the Seer of Akeron, whom she regarded as her primary nemesis, until he was slain.

– Carandae Ranedhel, already an elf of questionable sanity, descended deeper into madness with the seemingly constant death of his friends. After his friend and guildmate, Jyozu Neko, died in combat with enemy forces and then, no more than 30 minutes after, was executed for casting Necromancy in the Heartland during the forementioned battle, Carandae became particularly disturbed and then vanished without a trace. His current whereabouts are unknown.

– Ember of the Ashes remained with the Red Band of Chaos until its dissolution and continued to adventure with Xukkuth d’ Barra as a close friend and ally. Later, she swore citizenship to the Falconcrest Kingdom in Terath and joined the Falconcrest Mercenary Guild to serve again under Xukkuth d’ Barra. Ember deepened her relationship with the forest and continued on her path as a Druid. In the year 212, Ember suffered obliteration at the hands of the Servants of Typhon, but was reportedly restored from beyond the void by the spirit of Suslec Tor (the real name of Sir Allerion the Dragonrider) through igniting the spirit of a phoenix which had been consumed by her in the year 211 at the Crypt of the Elevents. It is said that Ember was restored to life and adopted the title “of the Ashes” because she returned from nothing, as a phoenix from the ashes. As a result of this resurrection, she was forever changed and unable to learn from new experiences or continue her training as a druid; she has even experienced difficulty in remembering new names and details. Ember has since spent most of her time with the Circle, a group of druids and wizards in Lairroth, assisting them with their many tasks and ventures.

– As time passed and the Red Band of Chaos grew, Sade began to feel under-appreciated in the organization, especially as the Red Band of Chaos began to become less brutal and more diplomatic in its approaches to missions and jobs. Sade eventually demanded to be released of service in the guild and left the Red Band of Chaos behind. His current location and state is unknown.

– Kaza Bonefist never formally resigned from the Red Band of Chaos, but he did leave to pursue becoming a member of his Thorgg clan once again and never, at the point of this writing, returned. it is said that long ago he had been exiled, which had prompted his wanderings initially. It is this author’s hope that Kaza Bonefist achieved newfound acceptance in his clan.

– With the death of Lennox Dezember’s allegedly incestuous cousin at the hands of Xukkuth d’ Barra and Faigan Iscariot, Lennox was free to travel and live without fear. While never forsaking membership in the Red Band, she left to discover what normal life was like – she has not returned.

– “Barbarian” left the Red Band of Chaos with no more than a grunt, which was not unusual for the jack of all trades who was firmly incapable of the common tongue. This occurred no more than a couple of months after Ranaranel left the guild.

– Aloicious Genty returned to his family of 7 in year 210 and only visited with his friends of the Red Band of Chaos at the yearly Winterfest celebrations. He remained an inactive member until the organization’s eventual dissolution. It is believed that Aloicious Genty was the scholar who taught Xukkuth d’ Barra an old dialect of the Draconic tongue, the same language most consistently used by the Vallahorien.

– Sienna the Red Fox left the Red Band of Chaos dissatisfied and in support of Ranaranel Redweth. The two continued to adventure together for a time before Sienna the Red Fox appeared back in Falconguard alone. No explanation is known for the separation of the two. Sienna is a rare sight in Falconguard, appearing and disappearing on occasion among the adventurers. Xukkuth d’ Barra and Sienna the Red Fox officially reconciled their differences in the end, letting bygones be bygones.

– Myzra Neh’lar was only a short time member of the Red Band of Chaos, partly due to conflicts between Xukkuth d’ Barra and her husband, Sir Drefan, a black knight of Sir Gregory Telghaf’s order and one of considerable power. On the night of Myzra’s initiation, Sir Drefan attempted to execute her after she used the warlock power of “Evil Eye” in a ritual duel of membership – “Evil Eye” is considered a necromantic spell and thus illegal, punishable by death. Having just sworn an oath to protect her as a part of his guild, Xukkuth d’ Barra attempted to Enslave Sir Drefan, assaulting him with a necromantic item in an attempt to save Myzra’s life. Xukkuth was later executed as a result of the assault and use of necromancy, however, Myzra Neh’lar was saved, her life spared in favor of taking Xukkuth’s own.

After this event, Myzra expressed a deep resentment for Xukkuth’s action against her husband, regardless the intent. Myzra and Xukkuth frequently clashed on a number of topics and it was later decided by Myzra that she was not, after all, a good fit for the Red Band of Chaos. She resigned and has since disappeared, likely residing with her Xelaque House in Haven.

– The mysterious “Dwarven Smith” who joined the Red Band of chaos and kept his identity hidden from any but Xukkuth d’ Barra himself. He assisted with the founding of Falconreach in Lairroth and has not been heard from since.

– Makenna La Reda left the Red Band to train elsewhere in Lairroth. She has not been heard from since.

– Pyra continued her studies and went on a journey to enrich her knowledge of magic. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

– Zeyphite still continues to adventure and will appear, from time to time, in Falconguard, ready to lend his hand in combat. Zeyphite himself claims responsibility for unknowingly releasing the cataclysm later known as the “Chronophage”

– Jyozu Neko became an undead Parthan during his time with the Red Band of Chaos, but has recently been cured of his condition. He has since become a citizen of Nocturne in Lairroth and currently adventures with their interests in mind. He still, to this day, actively fights beside Xukkuth d’ Barra and his close friend, Ember of the Ashes.

– Both Obama and Killer vanished, supposedly on a mission for the Red Band of Chaos in the Realms. Their current whereabouts are unknown.

– Keveras Lorakythe descended further into paranoid insanity and was stripped of his necromancer profession after he began casting mystic. He was executed by Talandar for his attempted murder of the Nameless One and since that time has vanished – it is believed he suffered a final death, but this remains unconfirmed.

– Sinjune travelled back to his home in Narovo, on the edge of the unquenchable desert after leaving the Red Band of Chaos. He is believed to still reside there, studying his mystic art.

– Armitis was a member of the Red Band until it was disbanded. Even after the organization was dissolved, Armitis continued to adventure with Xukkuth d’ Barra, until, one day, he left in pursuit of a lead on a legendary sword form and was never seen again. While unconfirmed, it is believed that Armitis was caught up in the Chronophage in Illithoria and died during that period of accelerated time.

– “Whisper” or Andreas died a final death while in service to the Red Band of Chaos, leaving his weaponry, particularly one sword called “Jel-Terith, the Dark Ethereal Blade” to Xukkuth d’ Barra.

Conclusive Note

The Red Band of Chaos remains a controversial memory – some attribute the Red Band the honor of being one of the most significant mercenary groups of our time, remarkable for its achievements, which were, without a doubt, disproportionate to the organization’s size. Still, many see the Red Band of Chaos as a group of bloodthirsty and lawless thugs, bent on murder and plunder. One thing is for certain, the Red Band of Chaos’ name was spread far and wide, for from Myzentius to Westerland tales are shared of their adventures and the named men and women who were once a part of it.