In the farthest western reaches of Lairroth lies a rocky land of peaks and principles. The Kingdom of The Realms is a place of deep caverns, and deeper traditions. In this Kingdom, the mighty Thorgg roam the high mountaintops in search of freedom and glory, the Grungnir Dwarves make their homes in the low valleys and ruthlessly defend these places from the creatures in the darkness, and the Hrungnor Dwarves pursue their ancient crafts in the caverns below, always careful not to delve too deep.

Terrible monsters can be found in all places within The Kingdom of The Realms, and so many have learned the skills necessary to defend themselves. The elite leadership of is made up of families of the Hrungnor race of dwarves, although the general stewardship of the Kingdom of The Realms technically falls under the hand of a single king and his ruling council. Rather than being a single strong nation, The Kingdom of The Realms is a network of cultures and family traditions, and often Humans and Orcs can be found living amongst the Dwarves and Thorgg, but regardless of race, nearly all of the people of ‘The Realms’ value loyalty above all else, and consider debts to be a matter of great importance and personal honor.