The territory known as The Queen’s Lands was ruled by High King Arador Kajorelle before The Draconic Domination of Terath. Now, it is ruled by High Queen Embla Vanir. Some of the most rich and fertile land in all of Terath exists in The Queen’s Lands, and the people of these lands are known for their wealth, honesty, and loyalty to the empire.

The Broken City: The capital city of The Queen’s Lands, which formerly served as the political capital of the once-unified empire of Terath, is now known as The Broken City, and still serves as the most important inter-kingdom political hub on the continent. While much of the city is still under repair, rumors suggest that The Broken City (and thus The Queen’s Lands) is the wealthiest region in all of Terath. It is said that the imperial taxes which were collected for dozens of generations under the rule of Queen Octavia Lucius were kept within the great vaults of the city. If this rumor is true, however, there is little sign of it. The Broken City, once the most grand city on the continent, is teeming with refugees, which now occupy an ever-expanding slum in the lower regions of the city.


Important Figures

High Queen Embla Vanir: Upon returning from the Pale Campaigns in Verath, the Emperor named Embla as High Queen of Terath. In keeping with tradition, the new High Queen relocated from her ancestral holdings in Hadrianus to the Broken City. The High Queen is quick to take action and is known to have little patience for politicking (which stems from her Hadrian upbringing). She is a skilled warrior and is said to have mastered hand to hand combat. She has a deep loyalty to the Empire, and even her political enemies and rivals must admit that her concern first and foremost is the well being of the people of Terath.

Sir Xefrom Greymoore: The current Steward of Rhoum is a human White Knight, known throughout most of Lairroth as The Morning Sword. He is an avid scholar and the heir to throne of Falconcrest, but is known more for his heroics in battle and his skill with ritual magic than for his political history. Although he has formally accepted the title of Steward of Rhoum, The Morning Sword is still considered to be something of an outsider by many of Terath’s nobles.

Duchess Emily Vendracis: The wife of late Duke Vendracis is a powerful and ambitious political figure in the courts of Terath. Before his death on the field of battle, she often negotiated political matters in the Duke’s stead, with great success. The Duchess has continued, and even strengthened, her involvement in Terathian Politics since the Duke’s passing. She is known for her sharp wit, her potent moxie, and the constant companionship of her two daughters; Amalia – Age 15, and Misa – Age 13.

Lord Knight Jacen Yabesh: Among the most famous Knights in Terath, Lord Jacen earned his fame performing incredible and courageous feats of heroism during the war with the Forsaken, before the death of Queen Octavia. He commanded a coalition of soldiers and White Knights which kept the people safe from the Forsaken once they were imprisoned within the Forsaken Tower of Haven under the command of High King Kajorelle, and is believed to have personally turned the tide of a vital battle between the Queen’s Lands and Ebrus during The War of Kings. He now serves as an adviser to the High Queen, and as a symbol of valor across the continent.

Lady Corinn: Of little political import within The Queen’s Lands itself, Lady Corinn was a former archivist for the great library that was once part of the University of Rhoum, before the university was all but destroyed by Dragon Fire. Since the destruction of the library, she has spent her time traveling the many kingdoms of Terath, gaining sympathy and friendship for the down-trodden refugees of the Broken City.

Known History

An ancient and powerful enemy known as “The Forsaken” returned in recent years and began a war against the nations of Terath, led by Queen Octavia Lucius. The Forsaken Wars resulted in much destruction and sabotage, ending with the death of Queen Octavia in the final battle where the Forsake were defeated.

In the year 208PB, Baron Kajorelle of Westerland took Queen Octavia’s place as the ruler of Terath, and appointed many Kings and Queens instead of Barons and Baronesses. He named himself The High King of Terath, Ruler of The Queen’s Lands (formally the King’s Lands), and gave more independence to his neighboring kingdoms than had ever been given before.

In the year 210PB, Terath found itself at war, with the primary lines drawn between those who supported the prideful High King Kajorelle, and those that supported the King of Ebrus, a Black Knight known as Fallion ‘The Red’. As the war came to a boiling point, a great host of Dragons flew down upon every great city on the continent and burned thousands of innocent common people to death with their terrible Dragon Fire. These dragons killed Fallion ‘The Red’ and demanded that The High King surrender his throne. High King Kajorelle refused and attempted to begin a war against the dragons, but one of his own knights engaged the High King in battle and forced him to submit to the demands of the dragons. The Kings were banished from the land, The Great True Dragon Cureanon returned and proclaimed that he would serve as the Steward of Terath. His demand was that the war be halted, or else the dragons would return to destroy every last breathing man and woman on the continent.

Duke Christopher Vendracis had served as the ruler of The Queen’s Lands since the fall of the High King, claiming that he waited for a time when he felt that he could rightly give the throne to one worthy of it. Supporters of Queen Embla of Hadrianus’ claim to the high throne refer to Duke Vendracis as “The Oathbreaker,” due to his refusal to recognize her as he vowed to do after one year of peace on the continent. Before Duke Vendracis stepped forward to lead the The Queen’s Lands, a large section of what had formerly been territory within The Queen’s Lands splintered into its own nation; The Kingdom of Falconcrest.

Duke Vendracis fell in battle in the year 212 while defending the Broken City from the monstrous armies of Typhon
After the Duke’s untimely death, Maria Pretia of Chindius briefly rose to hold the title of Steward of Rhoum. She was soon replaced by High Lord Xefrom Venai of Falconcrest when she was called to Verath under imperial summons.

With the end of the Pale Campaigns in Verath, Queen Embla has been named as High Queen by the Emperor and has taken the throne. She has also formally changed the name of the land back to the Queen’s Lands from the King’s Lands.