The Pale Ones are an immensely formidable race of undead creatures so mighty that they outshine Vampires, Liches, and even Great Dragons with their unbelievable power. It is said that the very shadows that The Pale Ones cast are so terrible that the darkness can swallow entire villages in their embrace, leaving only cold ruins in their passing.

It is known that there was recently a war in Verath, fought against a handful of Pale Ones who had amassed a large and dangerous army. However, the Pale Ones are known to spend centuries far away from the realms of the cyclic races, supposedly living in the very deepest caverns, some of which are said to reach beneath the sea.

Pale Ones, as their name indicates, are pale in skin color with traits they are reminiscent of the Fey and the Elves. Lord Talandar of The Kingdom of Haven is said to have waged war against the servants of the Pale Ones for most of his life, and it is rumored that High Queen Embla engaged one in direct combat during one of the battles of the Verathian War.

The Servants of The Pale Ones

Legends say that the Pale Ones are able to infuse their own shadows with malicious sentience. Some accounts claim that these shadows, when separated from their masters, are the most potent servants the Pales Ones can call upon.

The primary creatures which the Pale Ones use as their servants are a breed which are disparagingly referred to as Dirt Dwarves. These creatures are indeed somewhat similar to the Hrungnor and Grungnir dwarven races, although they share many traits common to gnomes and ogres as well. The ‘Dirt Dwarves’ also share a comparable level of intelligence with Ogres, not to mention possessing the incredible strength and resilience that most Ogres are known for.

It is rumored that The Xelaque once served The Pale Ones, and may have even revered them to the extent of worship. Some Xelaque myths speak of The Pale Ones as if they were omnipotent benefactors, while other tales suggest that the Pale Ones were terrible predators that fed upon the ancestral Xelaque.

The Skarran

The Skarran are a species of truly deadly creatures that have been created using weaves of magic so complex that only legendary creatures of magic such as Pale Ones, Fairy Lords, or True Dragons would have a chance of understanding the specifics of exactly what went into their making. Strangely enough, the old tales of the Skarran claim that they are a bridge between the Xelaque and The Pale Ones, and they have occasionally been named ‘The Cousins of The Pale’ in ancient texts.

Some scholars have suggested that the colloquial term “Beyond The Pale” originates from the old myths of the Skarran. True or not, it is clear that the Skarran are something unique and separate from their great masters. Where the Pale Ones are a race of almighty undead, the Skarran are half-living creatures which have been molded and empowered by great magik. They are known to have deep-rooted Abyssal and Draconic origins, with legends claiming that the blood of Demons and Dragons were cardinal ingredients used in the forgotten rituals that shaped them.

It has been recently discovered that hordes of Troglodytes have been serving as the guardians of the Skarran army while the Skarran slept. How far back this tradition goes is unknown, but Troglodyte myths tell of an impossibly strong champion known as the Skarran Shadowlord which is said to have bound the troglodyte people into service before the first sunrise.