The Order of Dhask is an order of elite guards and soldiers from the Dhask territory in Moradim. They are a neutral territory, who does not participate directly in the actions of Moradrim’s war efforts, nor competes to capture other Moradri Territories. Through an enigmatic method they have managed to improve their Wardens’ ability to bond with a Ward, thus making them the premier bodyguards of Lairroth. It is in fact, a group of skilled Wardens that acts as the guiding force behind the enclave, and only those few know the full secret of the improved bonding.

The Order of Dhask also offers services of extremely disciplined and efficient military training, mercenaries for hire, and quality weapons for sale. While there are perhaps weapon crafters of greater skill amongst the Elentari, none can equal the dedication to both quality and quantity that the Order of Dhask is able to demand from their smiths, making them the mercantile source of weaponry for adventurers, mercenaries, and even for the numerable soldiers in Lairroth’s many armies.