The Nameless One is a current resident of Falconguard. She calls the town of Falconreach in Lairroth home.

Since the defeat of The Seer of Akeron (Sept 2, 212), she has begun to show distaste for the company of spirits and often a callous attitude towards others.


The Nameless One began adventuring in the year 208. She was a founding member of the mercenary guild, The Red Band of Chaos.

In 211, she adopted the Mark of the Spirit as her sigil.


Name: N/A
Aliases: Nameless
Titles: The Nameless One, The Oracle
Race: Human
Age: 25
Heritage: Elsewind, Nadrak, Lairroth
Residence: Falconguard
Profession: Spiritualist and healer

OOG-Played By: Kat
OOG-First Played: 2008
OOG-Last Played:
OOG-Active?: Yes
OOG-Contact Info: @ gmail