The figure known as The MapMaker stands tall in many legends. Numerous folk-tales and tribal myths from both Terath and Lairroth tell of an elderly wise man who drew the world into creation, or painted the stars onto the sky.

This powerful magus is rumored to have seen every horizon, and traveled to places beyond the knowledge or understanding of any living mortal. He is said to be wise and mysterious, and has appeared throughout the histories of the many kingdoms to send heroes on great quests, or to provide guidance and lore to kings and queens.

It is known that The MapMaker has a small number of apprentices, the first of which is rumored to be his son – a man known as Ferador The Cartographer.


Legends claim that it was The MapMaker that provided the Star Charts that led King Erenuis Greymoore to King’s Port in Lairroth thousands of years ago. They say that his arcane maps were the tools used by The Xelaque of Terath to gain a foothold in the deep places beneath the surface, and it is widely known by explorers everywhere that he used his magic to create a detailed drawing which depicts all of the secret treasure caches hidden by Queen Octavia. Some even argue that The MapMaker and the Ferryman of Hadrianus are one and the same, although this debated point has never been confirmed by evidence of any kind.

While The MapMaker is a statuesque figure of mystical wisdom in his stories, those few who have claimed to have met him personally often report experiencing a great deal of confusion, rather than any overwhelming enlightenment resulting from such encounters.

Regardless, The MapMaker’s power is undeniable. He is known to be able to open ritual portals with as much ease as it takes for most people to move a single step, and is capable of crafting maps of such potency that they can teleport their user to any destination depicted within the drawn lines. It is also said that The MapMaker has unprecedented access to a realm known as The Hall of Doors, rumored to contain doorways to any place which you can imagine.


Aliases: The MapMaker
Race: Human?

OOG-Played By: James B.
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