His Majesty King Aleric Falconcrest, Sovereign ruler of the Kindgom of Falconcrest, descendant of the ancient royal Greymoore bloodline, has proclaimed his laws thusly, and charges those whom deliver his justice to mitigate their rulings with consideration for the intent of the criminal action, in holding with the traditions of the once High King, Arador Kajorelle.

The following actions are violations of Falconcrest Law-

Pursuing or performing an act of war against the subjects of The Kingdom of Falconcrest. Punishable by death or worse.

Summoning up or bring to bear those powers which are Abyssal in nature, or possessing items of Abyssal nature. Punishable by death or worse.

Taking the life of any of His Majesty’s subjects except for in direct defense of life or in pursuit of thy honor or rightful duties. Punishable by death or worse.

The use of necromantic magic, necromantic abilities, necromantic rituals, or necromantic items, including the possession of such items. Punishable by death.

The giving of offense or slander to those of full Falconcrest noble title, and the slander of military officers above and including the rank of Captain. Punishable by heavy fine or death. While Knights, Guildmasters, Magistrates, and other titled individuals do not carry the protection of this law, the noble who appointed them may take offense at slandering of their names.

The theft or unlawful acquisition of possessions, including failure to pay tax. Punished by reparation in low multiples of the acquisition’s value, or death when payment is not possible

The act of deadly assault. Punishable by heavy fine or death.

The abduction, acquisition, or ownership of a sentient creature. Punishable by death.

In Service,

Knight Ambassador Venai