The Jade Lotus is a group of five powerful elemental lords from the Shinjuku Peninsula that have dedicated themselves to the goal of Enlightenment through the elements. A secretive order; the Jade Lotus never has more than 5 Masters, which include a master of each specific element plus a master of all four. The Jade Lotus is known in the Shinjuku Peninsula as a group of sorcerers that follow the code of Bushido and serve the people as old sages. Each master has a reputation, famous or infamous, that proceeds them where ever they go.


Additional Information

There are five members of the Jade Lotus that are worth noting this day and age.

Yiruma Hensai, the Raging Typhoon, is the master of air. He is known for his strict discipline and his love for the children of Shinjuku. Hensai has been known to travel great distances to aid in the protection of children and can typically be found in the orphanages of Lairroth telling stories or creating magical toys for the amusement of the orphans.

Matsu Hiro, the Crushing Avalanche, is the master of Earth.

Haruko Kumi, the Gentle Tsunami, is the master of Water.

Yutaro Zenko, the Silent Inferno, is the master of Fire.


In 217 Shinjuku Province was devastated and the land sunken and shattered by a tsunami hundreds of feet high, dozens of miles inland. Some whisper this was the betrayal of Haruko Kumo to the foreign nation Vrogash or even directly to M’reg tyrant called the White King.


The others are missing and presumed dead or in Planar Sanctuaries.