The Heartland Kingdom is the primary bastion of safety and honor on the continent of Lairroth. The Heartland people believe fiercely in tenets of freedom, integrity, valor, and sacrifice. Their land is the most fertile, and their people are the most generous. The Heartlands are ruled justly by the guidance of the Falconcrest royal bloodline, which traces its roots back to the Kings of a golden age long passed. To be a Heartlander is to be part of something bigger than yourself.

The Heartland Kingdom is the first to oppose corruption, slavery, and dark magic when these forces are on the rise, and the last to abandon its citizens when times are hard. Yet vicious threats are never far from Heartland settlements, and vile forces never cease their attempts to wreak havoc on those of good nature. Citizens of all races can be found with The Heartland Kingdom, although the majority of Heartlanders are Human.

Greymoore City

The Capital city of The Heartlands is Greymoore City.

King’s Port

The ruined city of king’s port was once the great capital of a legendary Heartland Empire which covered most of Lairroth.