The secrets of the Gladelands are deep and ancient. This is the boundless home of the Fey, who seem to violently drift between slumbering and wakefulness as the ages pass. The channeling of Arcane and Elemental magic are studied broadly in the deep forests of this land, and very few things are what they seem to be.

Students of magic and of shade from across the kingdom vie for the opportunity to join the Fey in their secretive glens, and many make the journey to the Gladelands in hopes to participate in the legendary celebrations and reverie of the Fey people. As such, rare children of any race can be found in The Gladelands, though to live in this land is to live a life of uncertainty, wonder, and secrecy

The Fey of Lairroth are different from the Fey of Terath in many ways, particularly in the lack of “Fairy Courts” within the Gladelands. Some suggest that this is because of the direct leadership of the King and Queen of the Faries, while others claim that this is a result of mysterious primordial influences upon the fairy creatures.

Traveler’s Map of The Gladeland Forest


Important Figures

Oberon and Titania – King and Queen of the Fey. Many years ago, an entire Gypsy bloodline extinguished itself to banish them from Lairroth as part of a racial vendetta. Stories claim that the King and Queen of the Fairies were cursed them to “never again be able to set foot upon this land”. And yet there are many rumors that they have found ways around the curse, allowing to wander within the Silver Glen, or even to visit the distant lands of Terath and Verath, but these rumors are unconfirmed and neither the King or Queen have been seen publicly since this gypsy banishment.

Tyr Thorndale – Leader of the Governing Council that rules in the absence of the King and Queen. Tyr is part of the isolationist faction and strongly believes the Gladelands will only prosper if it stays apart from the other kingdoms of Lairroth.

Morgan Dale – A human mercenary from Moradrim, he is the only non-Fey to have been known to gain unrestricted access to the Silver Glen. He is an officer at the Martial academy of Song and acts as an unofficial ambassador from the Council of Thirty & Three in Moradrim.

The White Stag – A powerful and ancient creature that embodies many of the characteristics the Fey hold dear. The Stag is rarely seen, but once every year a great hunt is held where a select few are invited into the Silver Glen to try and catch the Stag. Many Fey believe the Stag is the first child of Oberon and Titania.

Places of Note

The twin towns of Falcon and Meadow- This towns rose to prominence during the reign of King Sevyn Falconcrest when he officially claimed the Gladelands as a protectorate of his kingdom. Though the Governing Council fights this claim, they have no intention on removing the inhabitants of these towns. Sir Roderick Elmdoor, the Knight of Rivers makes his home in the town of Falcon. As a Fey knight of the Heartlands, he is the official representative to the Gladelands.

The Sister Cities of Shadow and Song – Shadow is the city of rogues, gamblers, warlocks, and necromancers. It is a city of dark corners, and of poisoned blades. Song is the city of bards, arcanists, scholars, and soldiers. Both cities host the each of the primary military training facilities of the Fey. Though unconfirmed, it is said that some of the head military trainers of Shadow are fey who studied dark arts in the city of Nocturne.

The Silver Glen – The heart of the Gladelands, the domain of the True Fairies, and the home of the White Stag. The Silver Glen is protected by a massive silvery wall of magical thorns and plants, and entering the Silver Glen is nearly impossible within an invitation from the White Stag. This place is filled with mysterious magic and dangerous creatures, and stories claim that many fairy circles throughout Lairroth and Terath can lead the unsuspecting through magical doors into the realm of the fey.


Domestic Products

As a small nation, the Gladelands does not have any large or regular exports to the other kingdoms. With the Isolationists leading the nation, they have become very self-sufficient. The Fey trade primarily with the Cerulean Enclave, trading rare magical plants for any coin or goods they may need.

Relations with Other Nations

The Heartlands – The Gladelands maintains polite but cold relations with the Heartlands. Many of the Fey are upset that the Heartlands still considers them a ‘Protectorate’ rather then an independent kingdom.

Nadrak – The Gladelands is officially neutral toward Nadrak, though many Nadraki are somewhat hostile toward them due to their relations with Nocturne.

Nocturne – The Gladelands is openly allied with the City of the Night and considers them a strong ally. It is rumored that Tyr Throndale entered into this alliance to spite the Heartlands crown for considering the Gladelands a protectorate.

Calien – Though the Fey do not engage in as much open trade as Calien would like, they have maintained friendly relations.

Moradrim – The Gladelands considers Moradrim a nation of blood thirsty killers with no respect for their neighbors. They only officially recognize it as a kingdom because the Universal Laws of Lairroth require them to.

Sithia – They Fey are neutral toward Sithia and prefer not to become close to or to involved with them. They view Sithia as an unstable kingdom that is always on the verge of collapse due to their lack of leadership and strange ideas about government.

Il’Ithoria – Relations with the elves have always been difficult for the Fey. Many elves find them uncomfortably similar in physical appearance, which has typically resaulted in the elves not wanting much contact with the Fey.

The Reams – The Gladelands does not have any relationship with the Dwarves of this kingdom. Both being ruled by isolationists has let to almost no contact between them.

Vrogosh – The Fey only acknowledge Vrogosh as a kingdom because the Universal Laws do. Many Fey believe that Lairroth would be better off without the self styled ‘Monster Kingdom’.