The Kingdom of Hadrianus holds a great annual celebration known as the Ferryman’s Vigil. On the first new moon of September, the residents of coastal regions gather upon the shores to light massive bonfires and exchange rare and exotic gifts to guide the Ferryman’s barge to land. The Ferryman was said to have led the original settlers of Hadrianus to Terath, and inhabitants of the country turn out in hopes of his return. Though his visits are recorded occasionally in the annals of the court historian, he has not been seen in some time.

It is said that for an appropriate offering, the Ferryman will deliver brave souls to adventures beyond their wildest imaginings. Sometimes, he brings strange warriors from distant lands who wish to adventure in Terath.

Merchants with niche markets, trinkets and other unique odds and ends always can be found making their way east in order to take advantage of this gift-giving season.