On February 6th, 210 R.S. a great horde of dragons flew across the continent of Terath and wrought terrible destruction within nearly every capital city across the many kingdoms of Terath. Each of the royal palaces of these kingdoms was destroyed entirely so that the rulers of Terath’s kingdoms might feel the wrath of the dragons. Considerable numbers of common citizens were slain in the attack, for Dragon Fire is not a tool for precision, and melting steel and bursting stone do not care for the identity of their victims.

It is known that White Knights and others following The Path of The Lightwalker all across the breadth of Terath somehow became aware of the impending attack and immediately began to organize an evacuation of the royal palaces just before the assault began. A vast number of lives were saved due to this heroic effort.

Moments before the draconic assault The Great and True Dragon Cureanon banished both the recognized ruler of Terath, High King Arador Kajorelle, and his contender, King Charles Rezak Falion The Red of Ebrus. The Great and True Dragon Cureanon announced the start of a new era in Terath, making the following declaration:

“People of Terath- refrain from war. Leave the demons in the abyss. Fight not against your new stewards. These are my conditions for you to live.

The Dragon Rhu’uvon now governs Ebrus, Westerland, King’s Lands and Haven. HisTavernkeep Robert speaks in his name.

I will govern the other lands from my mountain and leave my Tavernkeep Kalstrom to speak in my name.

Govern yourselves well. Keep you old rulers at your own peril, for they did not prevent this catastrophe which did not need to come to pass. Kajorelle and Falion are hereby banished from Terath.”