The Cerulean Enclave is an order of Xelaque Alchemists who have mastered a form of alchemical crystal manipulation. These crystals rumored to have been created through a merger of alchemy and arcane magic, and can be used to manipulate time, space, and information. The secrets of these blue crystals are amongst the most closely held in all Cyrillia, but they are the reason that fast communication is possible between nations, and they are the power behind the Cerulean Gates. The Cerulean Enclave holds sole ownership their knowledge. The Enclave’s dealing with alchemy also makes them primary dealer of Alchemy throughout Lairroth.

While they house their primary holdings in Old Il’lithoria, the Cerulean Enclave itself is a fully independent organization that is quickly gathering strength and influence the likes of which could rival an entire nation. The enclave recently created a series of Cerulean Gates that allow travel throughout all the Crystalline Gates of Lairroth, internally between the nations, where in the past these gates were only able to transport travelers back and forth between the continents of Lairroth and Terath. This innovation revolutionized the economy of Lairroth, causing many of the more commonly used roads between nations to fall into slow disuse whilst dramatically increasing the enclave’s influence on international trade. Thus far the Cerulean Enclave has secured their neutrality by refusing to support any form of formal troop transport using the Cerulean Gates.