The Argent Tide is group of soldiers, merchants, politicians, and adventurers who have joined together under a unified banner with the goal to defend the right of the common people to live free from the dominating control of supernatural entities. he Argent Tide has a strong presence in Terath, which has been growing with impressive speed due to their heroic efforts during the Pale War, and their noteworthy efforts in the many battles against the Monstrous Hordes of Typhon in the years prior. Their most notable bastion in Terath is in the Kingdom of Myzentius, near the capital city of Creon. The Argent Tide also has chapters in most of the kingdoms of Lairroth, including Moradrim, The Heartlands, Nadrak, The Realms, and Sith. The Argent Tide is strongest, however, within the borders of Calien.

The headquarters of the Argent Tide can be found in Calien, where much of the leadership of the organization heeds the advice of an enigmatic figure known only as “The Prophet”. The Argent tide does not believe that this leader possesses any form of divine guidance, but rather claims that The Prophet has an unbelievably uncanny ability to predict the specifics of when and where the Argent Tide will be needed most.


Members of The Argent Tide come from all walks of life, ranging from High Lords all the way down to common farmers. To become an initiate member of the Argent Tide one merely needs to have their pledge accepted by a ranking officer. Rather than swearing any oaths of obedience or vows of fealty to the Tide, initiates only need to make a pledge of unity and intent; to swear to struggle against the yoke of supernatural dominion, and to stand shoulder to shoulder with their brother and sisters in defense of freedom. Each new initiate makes their pledge of dedication to “help put the reins of destiny back into the hands of man” and henceforth may consider themselves a member of the Argent Tide.

This system of membership works very well for the Argent Tide, for it allows sworn citizens from any land to join without fear of compromising their oaths of fealty, nor does it compel its members to act with suicidal fervor. One certainly does not have to commit to slay every murderous dragon or hunt every vampire in order to be a part of the Argent Tide, but rather they must pledge to use what resources they have to struggle against supernatural domination. This can be as easily through hosting group discussions about freedom as it can by hunting down an undead oppressor.

Achieving higher rank in the Argent Tide can be accomplished by truly being active in the pursuit of freedom, and by showcasing a commitment to the organization and its tenets.


The Argent Tide is the strongest of many groups which rose up during The Calien Revolution, to overthrow the oppressive vampire lords which ruled the region, . Since then, they have risen to power in Calien, and have formed chapters throughout every kingdom in Terath and Lairroth.

A vocal minority in the Argent Tide seems to be dedicated to destroying all monstrous or supernatural creatures. This has resulted in a number of regrettable conflicts where relatively harmless creatures have been hunted & destroyed. However, the vast majority of the Argent Tide seems intent on only taking action against supernatural creatures which present a direct & active threat against the welfare and freedom of the common people.