The Arcadian Grove is a powerful and enigmatic group of Earth Walkers bound by principles of honor and virtue. They are known to oppose the corruption of undeath, and to viciously assault any manifestation of abyssal forces in Cyrillia. The Arcadian Grove is an order which is recognized throughout both Lairroth and Terath, but their primary home is amongst in a glen of exceedingly valuable Skywood Trees nestled within the boundaries of the Falconcrest Kingdom.

The most publicly known member of The Arcadian Grove are the Master Druids known as Alaver, True Voice of The Tree and his once apprentice, Akaran Gilbereth. Akaran is a potent ritual caster who lives within the SkyWood Grove in the Kingdom of Falconcrest, and is known to be a close relative of Baroness Callisthene Gilbereth of Ceridwin of The Ethlin Isles.

The Arcadian Grove itself is a vast network of somewhat independent druids, rangers, and initiated members devoted to The Path of The Earthwalker. Unlike many smaller, truly secluded druidic orders, The Arcadian Grove accepts initiated members even if they do not personally pursue the magical druidic traditions. As such, there are a number of Scouts, Elementalists, and even War Masters which claim an association with The Arcadian Grove.