Talbert Morrowstone is an elderly human who is well known for his exploits as a Myzentian mercenary and bounty hunter. In his youth he helped other numerous mercenaries form their own individual mercenary bands. It is rumored that Talbert Morrowstone still has strong ties to a number those mercenary bands, such as The Brothers of Winter, The Band of The Falling Rock, and The Sons of Wormfoot.



In his middle years Talbert founded The Ronin Stone Academy, which is a prestigious school of martial combat that teaches students to become highly skilled mercenaries and infuses graduates with integrity, honor, and the belief that true freedom as a mercenary is granted by respecting the honored traditions of the Kingdom of Myzentius. Students are not required to pay tuition once they have been deemed worthy and accepted into the academy, however, for a minimum of 5 years following graduation students are contracted to return 60% of all of their earnings directly to the school.

Talbert Morrowstone, far out of his prime, eventually led many of his own students on a number of very dangerous and very successful missions, which aided greatly in increasing the Ronin Stone’s reputation. It is rumored that a number of these missions were performed at the request of a general of the Myzentius military who has since risen to become King of Myzentius – King Satana Akida.

By the year 207 PB Talbert Morrowstone was firmly into the twilight years of his life and travelled to Lairroth to study under the elite warriors of The Order of Dhask. He returned two years later, brining the wisdom and a portion of the legendary skill of the Order of Dhask back to the Ronin Stone.



Name: Talbert Morrowstone
Race: Human
Heritage: Myzentius
Residence: Ronin Stone Academy
Profession: Mercenary

OOG-Played By: Mike McComas
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